10 Easy Halloween Home Decor Ideas

by Elyse V

Spooky season is upon us! No matter if you are the kind of person who decorates elaborately, or wants a tasteful hit of holiday decor, we have something to help everyone celebrate Halloween. Here are 10 Easy Halloween home decor ideas to help make your home more festive.

Know that some of these even make great gifts. If you want to give someone a Halloween-themed hostess gift, these work well for that. Not sure if you want to go full Halloween for a gift? Check out these fall hostess gift ideas that are perfect through November.

10 Easy Halloween Home Decor Ideas

Pinata Halloween Kitchen Towels Sets of 4: The easiest way to interject a little bit of holiday flair into your home is with kitchen towels. Not only are they useful, but you can also reuse them every year. Another plus is that they don’t take up a lot of storage space, because dish towels are easy to pack away and take out every year.

National Tree Company Artificial Witch’s Wreath-24 inches: A cute wreath is an essential holiday decor item. You can hang this wreath on your front door using a door hanger, or a 3M hook. However, you can also display a wreath on a door, or a wall inside your home- a wall near your entranceway, or perhaps over a fireplace are perfect spots. Place this wreath wherever you want a little bit of spooky fun.

LUSHVIDA Spider Web Halloween Rectangle Tablecloth: Much like a dish towel, a tablecloth is another easy way to make your home more festive. If you want to use this throughout October, and not have it get dirty or have to keep washing it, you could always put a plastic cover over it. Again, it is an easy item to store away, it doesn’t require a lot of space, and you can use it every year. This is also a great decoration for Halloween parties. A tablecloth isn’t just for the table where you dine, you could cover a buffet table, a coffee table, or put it on a table where you are displaying your Halloween knickknacks.

Halloween Boo Doormat: A doormat is a lovely, simple, and understated way to decorate for the holiday. We do recommend always keeping rugs flat. They must be stored flat when not using them, so they can be used year after year. Think of the fun trick-or-treaters will have when they see this cute touch to your home.

Urban Villa Spider Print Set of 12 Dinner Napkins: Party napkins are great for an event. If you wanna have spooky napkins all season, you’ll want to use reusable napkins instead of single-use ones. These are environmentally friendly, as they can be washed and reused. Napkins can also be used as decor to lay under things like table runners would, or to even line a bread basket.

12 Piece Spider Napkin Rings (Silver, with Rhinestone): These napkin rings can be used with either Halloween cloth napkins like the ones above, solid cloth napkins, or paper napkins. This is a great way to interject a little bit of holiday decor, even if you’re just using your traditional white paper single-use dinner napkins. With these fun napkin rings, there is no need to buy printed napkins and you can interject some glitzy Halloween fun. And you can use them year after year.

Halloween Table Decorations Centrepieces with Artificial Flowers and Gnome: This gnome centrepiece looks beautiful on a table in an entranceway, an end table/coffee table, on your mantle piece (if you have a fireplace) or even outside by your front door. With one item you can add whimsy and fun without it being an overly complicated Halloween decoration

GenSwin Halloween Flameless Votive Candles Color Changing with Remote Timer (6 Pack): If you’re not a candle person, LED candles are a great option to add a spooky ambience. You can program these candles using the built-in timer to decide how many hours you want them on and off. The colour is also programmable, so you can change the colour to match your mood or decor. Also, you can break the candles up into groups or keep them together. By breaking the candles into groups, you can place them on different tables or areas which will make your aesthetic more cohesive.

Halloween Decor Pillow Covers 18×18-Set of 4: Another easy way to decorate for any holiday, is to have seasonal pillows. Not everyone has room to have pillows for every single holiday, but if you have pillow covers, you can simply slip your regular pillow into the decorative pillow cover, and now you are ready for Halloween. Unzip the pillow cover and place a different one, and you are ready for whatever holiday or theme you want to embrace. This is the simplest way to freshen up any room.

Artmag 8 Pcs Assorted Sizes Harvest Gold Artificial Pumpkins: These decorative pumpkins are not just a Halloween item, as you can have them out from September until the end of November. These pumpkins also give you a more elevated Halloween look, so if you’re not into spooky or a cartoony Halloween, this is a subtle and tasteful route. You can find these in any colour palette, and can even get them in different materials like fabric, glass, porcelain etc… they are available at any price point. These pumpkins are a beautiful and easy way to add some fall decor to your home.

What was your favourite item of our 10 easy Halloween home decor ideas?
Is there something we missed? How do you like to decorate for Halloween?
Leave us a comment below and let us know.

“Hope that your Halloween is full of good times and good treats.”

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