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Getting your Feet Ready for Sandals

10 Steps to Getting your Feet Ready for Sandals

by Elyse V

After a long, cold, snowy winter and 2+ years of roving Covid lockdowns and restrictions, the upkeep of our feet may have taken a back seat. By back seat, I mean we rarely thought of them beyond how comfortable they were in our favourite slippers. But that’s all changing now.

As the weather warms and Covid restrictions get lifted, these 10 Steps to Getting your Feet Ready for Sandals will make sure you can show them off with pride. But first…

  • Change the type of socks you’ve been wearing through winter. As we transition to warmer weather, start wearing thinner, looser socks in natural fabrics that will let your feet breathe.
  • Stretch your feet. Switching from wearing primarily slippers for 2+years to actual shoes, can have its challenges. Doing gentle stretches in your home 3 times per week will keep your feet strong, flexible, and will minimize pain. These 9 exercises to do at home might be a great place to start.
  • Avoid walking barefoot. Walking barefoot can contribute to the dry skin on your feet and cause your heels to crack.

10 Steps to Getting your Feet Ready for Sandals

1. Soak your feet.

We are going to start with a simple, vinegar foot soak designed to get rid of dry, cracked skin. Fill a basin or foot spa with cool water (hot water can dry skin more) and use 1 parts vinegar to 2 parts water as a general guideline. Soak feet for 5 to 10 minutes to start. You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

2. Exfoliate your feet.

After you have soaked your feet, and the skin is soft, use a pumice stone (or another device) to slough the dead skin from your feet. Rinse and/or wipe your feet when done. Be careful not to go too deep especially if it’s the first time you’ve exfoliated your feet in a while. You don’t want it to be painful to walk.

3. Remove the Hair from your Toes and Feet.

Choose how you prefer to remove the hair on your feet and toes and get rid of those pesky patches of hair that have grown over the pandemic. You can shave, or wax them – just get rid of them (check out our 7 ways to remove body hair at home).

4.Trim your toenails.

Give your toenails a good trimming. If you cut the nails straight across you can avoid ingrown toenails.

5. Colour your toe nails.

Be sure to apply a base coat first, and then apply your favourite colour that makes your toes come to life and puts the finishing touch on all the work you put into your feet.

6. Include your feet in your nightly moisturization.

Use a good foot cream like Dermal Therapy Heel Care Cream nightly (which we recommended in The 3 Best Ways to Deal with Dry Heels) and then cover them with thin socks while you sleep. If you are looking for a gluten-free skincare brand, check out this Ultimate Gluten-Free Beauty Products Guide.

7. Keep your own set of stainless steel tools to keep your feet looking their best.

Do not share the tools you use on your feet as bacteria and fungus can be transferred from person to person. Keep your own set and keep them handy so they are always available for a quick file or trim when needed.

8. See a podiatrist.

If you notice any discolouration or irritation or experience discomfort that is not a known issue for you, see a podiatrist. Keep your feet healthy.

9. Wear sandals around the house.

This may sound ridiculous but it helps you get used to wearing shoes all day again. We have been in comfy slippers for over 2 years. Shoes are going to take a little getting used to.

10. Check out some new sandals.

Now that you have got your feet in tiptop shape and look soft, smooth and polished, check out some of the new designer sandal trends for 2022. You deserve it.

Sometimes we put ourselves last. We get busy and put the things we do for ourselves off. Make a spring promise to yourself that you are going to commit to spending 10 minutes every day on a little self-care for yourself. Taking care of our feet is a great self-care task to choose.

Have you been keeping your feet in shape throughout the pandemic? Were you spending more time in slippers than shoes? If so, are you going to start getting your feet ready for sandals?

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