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10 The Best Makeup Trends for Spring 2022 for this Beauty Junkie

10 of The Best Makeup Trends for Spring 2022 for this Beauty Junkie

by Elyse V

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I love scouring my favourite (and very reliable) online re/sources to read about the latest trends for the season. Especially when the season is spring. Spring is special and this spring is especially special (try to say that 10 times fast).

It’s been a long, cold winter with Omicron and protests making it seem even more dreary. Now that we are heading into spring, and restrictions are being lifted (I’ll be still masking – thank you very much), it’s time to look forward to the brighter, sunnier, warmer days ahead. Before we can dive into the best makeup trends for spring 2022, we have to do a little groundwork first.

7 Steps to Preparing for the best Spring Makeup Trends 2022

1. Review your skincare routine for glowing skin and make sure it is on lock.  

Makeup needs a good canvas and the bright, summer sun tends to put every pore on blast (or maybe that’s just how I feel). The needs of our skin change with the seasons so be sure to check in with your skin and make sure the current routine is still working. Time to freshen those winter skin tips.

2. Do a little makeup spring cleaning.

You can read how to properly do that here. Out with the expired, the broken, and the ones that don’t work for you anymore. You want to clear out the crap and clean off what’s staying so you are starting the new season with a clean slate.

3. Reach for your BB and CC Creams and/or Tinted Moisturizers rather than your foundation.

We want lighter, more natural, coverage as the weather warms. We want our skin to breathe. BEAUTY HACK: If you don’t have a tinted moisturizer, you can always use your favourite moisturizer mixed with equal parts of your foundation.

4. Hello bronzer, my old friend.

A good bronzer can give you that sun-kissed look without damaging UV rays. You want to start off with a lighter, sun-kissed look in spring and darken it as we head further into summer. We want it to look natural and progress naturally. Just apply your bronzer to the areas of your face that the sun would naturally touch if you were sunbathing (which we don’t do anymore). So, sweep a little on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and jawline and build it as the weather gets hotter.

5. Lighten up.

Lighten up your overall colours including lipsticks, eye shadows, liners, and blushes. You want to keep it as natural-looking as possible with pale bases and bright pops of colour.

6. Sunscreen as Always.

Make sure your routine always includes adequate SPF coverage on your hands, face, neck, décolleté, and any other exposed areas. Yes, this should be done year-round but it’s extra important in the summer when you will most likely be spending more time in direct sunlight (even when you don’t think you are).

7. Keep your lips moist.

Always have a good, natural lip balm handy to moisturize your lips through the change of season. Check the ingredients. Know what you could be ingesting.

Now that we’ve taken care of the basics, we can proceed to our favourite trends.

10 of The Best Makeup Trends for Spring 2022 for this Beauty Junkie

Trends are a little different this year. Normally they have specific looks and colours but this year they are a little more forgiving. I think they know we have all been through something so this season, the trends came with a “make it your own” vibe and I’m totally here for it.

TIP: When trying out a new product, do a spot test. Just dab a bit on your arm or neck and see if it causes burning or skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you should make this a rule of thumb.




Bejeweled Eyes

Amazon has a great selection of face gems that won’t break the bank. I have zero experience with them myself so I don’t know how they adhere to your face or how you remove them, but with Euphoria as my inspiration and a great selection of face gems, I’m planning on getting creative.

1960’s Eyes

I love a 1960’s eye. There is such a sexy strength to it and it is so flattering to all eye shapes and sizes. Plus, it suits any occasion and goes with all lip colours. Just gorge.

Neon Eyes

Who doesn’t love a neon eye? You can get so creative with the colours and there is nothing subtle about them. I would advise wearing a pale, neutral lip with neon eyes only because you don’t want your lips to compete with your eyes.

Pastel Graphic Liner

I love that it’s both subtle and eye-catching at the same time. It’s not overdone either. You can use a variety of colours and designs and really let yourself get creative.

Lifted Brows

After all the lockdowns and limited access to beauty services, I love anything that celebrates a bushy brow :) That aside, a full brow can frame your face and change its shape. I love the look of a well-groomed lifted brow.

Soft Sculpting

After many years of severe contouring, soft sculpting is a welcomed relief. You can still get the benefits of contouring in terms of playing with the angles of your face but without the layers of colours that seemed too harsh for daytime. Soft sculpting is quickly gaining in popularity and I understand why.

Frosted Pink Lips

I used to love a frosted, pink lip in my younger days. A light frosted pink lip was made for sun-kissed skin. The OG frosted pink shade is Silver City Pink by Revlon. If it ain’t broke…

High Shine Lips

High shine lips are everything. There is nothing like the look of newly applied super glossy lip gloss. It doesn’t last and leaves its mark on pretty much everything it comes in contact with, but it’s all worth it for those few super gorgeous glossy moments.

90’s lip liner

I’m a 90’s girl so you know when I saw a 90’s lip liner was a trend, I was like “quit playing games with my heart” (a little Backstreet Boys reference to layer the 90’s vibe). A darker liner with a lighter lipstick is my jam and makes me feel young again.

Red Lips

Oh, red lipstick. How do I love thee? My love runs deep and has for decades. I was thrilled to see red lipstick on the trends for spring list because it’s always on mine as I wrote about in my Ode to Red Lipstick.

Honourable mention goes out to body and face glitter. While I love some glitter, it goes everywhere and it is really not planet-friendly. They contain microplastics and harm our rivers and lakes. While I love the look of them, I have to pass until a planet-friendly version can be made.

So, those are our best makeup trends for spring. What do you think about them? Have you heard of any others that you prefer? Please share your thoughts with us. If we are overlooking a goodie, we want to make sure it gets corrected tout de suite 😊

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