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13 Of Our Favourite Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Help Get Your Costume Ready

13 Of Our Favourite Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Help Get Your Costume Ready

by Elyse V

Halloween is coming up, which means prepping costumes. Part of that is nailing your makeup look. Remember that makeup can make the costume. No matter if you are going to a (Covid-safe) in-person gathering, trick or treating with the kids, dressing up for a work event, handing out candy to the neighbourhood, or have a virtual Halloween party/costume contest, makeup is quite essential. Have a black dress and a witch’s hat? These Halloween makeup tutorials can help you take a basic costume to staggering heights.  If you’re someone who isn’t into costumes, plan in advance, or you need a last-minute costume pulled from your closet- we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of some of the tried and true Halloween costumes, and found 13 of our favourite Halloween makeup tutorials to help get your costume ready.

Your vision of your makeup for a costume is rarely the same as someone else’s idea. That is why sometimes it takes a few different videos to get a feel for what you want, and how to achieve it. Don’t be afraid to mix ideas and venture off the path to do your own thing. Our list of 13 of our favourite Halloween makeup tutorials to help get your costume ready serves as part inspiration and part how-to. Once you know how someone achieved their look, you can take pieces of it, and mix them with your own know ideas to create a look that is uniquely you.

When compiling this list of 13 of our favourite Halloween makeup tutorials, we chose looks that use regular makeup or indicated that you could use your own makeup. None of these looks are reliant on special effects makeup, or speciality makeup. These looks can easily be achieved with the makeup you have at home. We feel that using the eyeshadow pallets and makeup you already have, is easier than having to hunt down products you may only use once. Though there is nothing wrong with buying lashes, glitter, or other items to up your look (you may even be able to use them again). However, you should try this type of makeup out, to ensure that you aren’t allergic to anything.

13 Of Our Favourite Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Help Get Your Costume Ready

1) Drag Makeup

We love everything RuPaul’s Drag Race from the Lip Sync Battles to the Drag terminology, quotes, and looks. When you think of iconic drag makeup, numerous fabulous queens come to mind, but one of the best-known looks is Trixie Mattel. Anyone, of any gender can enjoy dressing up as Trixie for Halloween. Trixie’s Youtube channel is a perfect source of Trixie makeup inspiration, as you can find just about any colour you want or look you would like to achieve.

Here is the link to the basic Trixie tutorial.

2) Zombie

Zombies are an easy go-to costume. You can either wear your own clothes or use an old Halloween costume, and be the undead version of it. I was once Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, then three years later- I was zombie Dorothy. Zombie makeup is a great way to be able to re-wear a costume creatively. If you don’t know what to wear, zombie makeup can make your choices much easier.

3) Scary Witch

Don’t let the grey skin of this tutorial make you think you need to buy another product, because you can totally use a regular colour foundation. This is a scary witch look, that quite frankly could be used for many other Halloween looks, because it has a scary, cool, and undead kind of vibe. However, this is a simple tutorial that uses stuff that you probably have on hand or something close to it.

4) Dark Faerie/ Glam Witch

If you’re looking for something glamorous yet spooky, as well as cool, this is the look for you. Once again, it is a versatile look that doesn’t lend itself to one particular Halloween costume. You can change the colours, and really make it all your own. Also, you can amp up or tone down the look of this Halloween makeup tutorial, which makes it an easy look to achieve and wear.

5) Skeleton

Skeleton Halloween makeup tutorials can be very complicated. That is why we chose a simple version that you can master on the fly, without a lot of practice. This is a great look to have up your sleeve for childrens’ costumes too.

6) Vampire

This is a perfect vampire look, and it is actually a three-in-one video. Once again, it doesn’t use any special effects makeup. Although, you can buy some fake blood and vampire teeth for the third version- which is up to you. What I love about this video is that it goes from a wearable smoky-vampy look to a costume vampire look, to an over-the-top vampire look; but all of it is still wearable and quick easy to achieve.

7) Fawn or Deer

Woodland creatures are a cute and easy go-to costume, as all you need are ears and maybe a tail. This fawn or deer costume can be turned into many different woodland creatures, so it is the basic idea that is so versatile.

8) Glam Cat

The premise of the cat look is not that different than the dear look. This is because you have a similar motif when it comes to the animal Halloween makeup tutorials. However, we picked this one, as it gives you a glam version of the look. This is perfect for someone who really loves makeup, and wants to take a little time to sass it up.

9) Punk

Another go-to Halloween makeup tutorial is a punk rock look. This one is simple yet effective and could easily be dialled up or down, according to your dedication to applying makeup.

10) Hippie

A hippie or flower child look is super simple to achieve and easy to put your own spin on. You can add a ton of highlighter to give it a more festival vibe or add glitter for whimsy. This is a basic 1970’s tutorial that you won’t feel out of place having to wear out of costume. So, if you need to change in a hurry and/or later in the day, this is makeup you can go out in. Don’t forget your “Peace” & “Make Love Not War” signs to complete your look!

11) Flapper

A classic 1920’s look is a fantastic Halloween costume. The tutorial we picked is the quintessential flapper look. Makeup really helps complete any costume, but it is imperative for pulling off this one. As well as several sets of fake pearls!

12) Pirate

Pirates are another classic Halloween costume. Though this Halloween makeup tutorial uses sequins, you could easily use some gold glitter, or gold glitter eyeshadow to achieve a similar look. Overall, it is a fun, but easy take on the idea of pirate makeup.

13) Clown

Clown makeup can be glam and fun.  With this look, in particular, you can wear it during the day. Then when it is time to put on your costume, you can add the finishing touches of the lines around the eyes, nose, and mouth. A plus is that you don’t need any special makeup to create this look. Also, you can always customize it by switching up the colours and even mixing a plethora of other colours.

This list of 13 of our favourite Halloween makeup tutorials should give you the inspiration to be able to easily slay Halloween.

Do you love these costume ideas? What are some of your go-to Halloween costume ideas? Leave us a comment below, because we love to hear from you.

Remember that makeup, especially Halloween makeup, should always be fun, inexpensive and easily achievable. Halloween isn’t only about putting on a costume. It’s also about finding the imagination & creativity that lives within us!

Happy Halloween!

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