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20 Best Halloween Apps that are Spooktastic

20 of the Best Halloween Apps that are Spooktastic

by Elyse V

Halloween is next week and it’s going to look/be a little different again this year. Covid is still a concern so precautions need to be respected. We’ve come a long way from last year, but masks, distancing, and restrictions remain our reality. Luckily, we’ve gotten pretty good at being resourceful and making occasions special within the various stages of the pandemic.

Depending on where you live, Halloween parties and/or trick-or-treating may not be possible or worth the risk. That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate, dress up, try out some cool Halloween makeup looks, and eat (many) treats. However you decide to celebrate, we have found 20 of the best Halloween apps that are just spooktastic enough to help get you into the spirit of the holiday. They range from fun, kooky to spine-tinglingly, terrifying so there is something for everyone.

20 of the Best Halloween Apps that are Spooktastic

1. Halloween Live Wallpaper

This simple wallpaper app has witches and bats that fly across your phone screen. You can also adjust how fast they fly and the background colours. You might even see the occasional lightning strike for a fun, mildly spooky display.

2. Cute Halloween Live Wallpaper

Personally, I tend to like the fun, spooky side of Halloween rather than the terrifying, spooky side of it. If you’re like me, you’ll love this app – I mean, the name says it all. It’s basically a kitten that sits on a pumpkin and its eyes follow wherever your finger roams on the screen. There are also different pumpkin faces to choose from and backgrounds and you can even burst bubbles too. Fun.

3. FancyKey Keyboard Themes

Along with wallpapering your screen for the holidays, you can also decorate the keyboard of your phone with the help of FancyKey. FancyKey is a keyboard app that allows you to apply a variety of holiday themes – including Halloween – to your keyboard. Plus, if you don’t find anything you like, you can also customize your keyboard using you own pics.  

4. Free Scary Halloween Ringtones

Nothing reminds you of the spirit of the season like the sounds of the season. When it comes to Halloween, those sounds are spooky and you can set them as your phone ringtone, notifications or alarm sounds. There are over 50 Halloween sounds but the users say Halloween 1, Wolf, Mommy, Scary Text, Scream, and Funeral are the best. Oh and you can assign specific sounds to specific contacts too.

5. Halloween Greeting Cards Maker

Halloween cards are not common, but when you are not seeing people with the same frequency, they are great way to let someone know you’re thinking about them during Halloween. Or you can use them as a Halloween (masked and distanced) party invitation too. You can use them for all occasions and Halloween is one of them.

6. Zombies, Run!

Ok, so this app is for the joggers in the world. This is NOT me, but I can appreciate a good app when I hear about one. Zombies, Run! is a great motivator to get you out into fresh air and running…for your life. This immersive app puts you in the middle of a zombie adventure drama as the hero.

It all starts with a helicopter crash into a city of zombies that you have to avoid as you run towards the next checkpoint. Along the way, you’ll be able to find items to bring back to your home base like first aid kits, cell phones, and citizens that you have to help. Basically, every run becomes your personal mission set to songs from your own playlist. If you’re a runner, give it a try.

7. Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown  

In 1966, Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown cartoon classic aired on TV for the first time and it’s been a favourite for generations since. The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown interactive app, lets you join Charlie Brown in this classic experience. Plus you get to pick your costume, carve a pumpkin, and go trick-or-treating with the whole Peanuts gang! How can that not be fun?

8. The Walking Dead Dead Yourself

If you’re not a fan of dressing up or if you just always wanted to know how you’d look like a walker, The Walking Dead Dead Yourself is the app for you. Using the same style of effects as The Walking Dead TV show, this app gives you a zombie makeover simply by taking or importing a photo of yourself. Then you can edit it to include zombie eyes, mouths, and even props like an ax to the head or a pipe through the eye. When you’re done, you can share your hideousness on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, What’s App, and many more.

9. Vampify

Have you always had a fascination with vampires? Well, here’s your chance to give it a whirl with the Vampify app. This intuitive face app will turn you into a 3D animated scary vampire complete with blinking eyes, snarl, bite, fangs, and bloody effects animation. You can then share your virtual immortal self with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email friends. It’s fang-tastic!

10. Bitmoji

If zombies and vampires don’t do it for you, then you can get in on the spooky spirit by decking your Bitmoji self in some Halloween costumes and scary/funny facial features. There are also a bunch of scenarios and greetings you can mix with your Halloween look. Have fun!

11. Creepypasta

If ghost stories are your thing, Creepypasta is the app for you. Creepypasta has a collection of over 14,500 hand-picked internet horror stories that have been shared online to entertain and frighten readers. No internet connection is required and you can sort by title and read time and keywords. You can print stories, add them to your favourites and the app remembers where you left off. The app is also dark mode ready and has voice narration. The stories vary in length and there are even 2 sentence micropastas, that will still scare you.  

12. Creepy Tales

Do you like enjoying a good scary story with your family and friends? If so, then you’ll love Creepy Tales. The Creepy Tales app lets you choose from over 100 stories organized in 7 different categories. Every story in the collection is designed to disturb and scare the reader regardless if it’s a short story, a tale or an urban legend. Everything is well-written.

13. Granny

Granny is an escape game and the goal is to make it out of Granny’s house alive within 5 days. But you have to be careful and quiet because Granny is always listening. You can hide, look for secret passageways, or tools to help you escape. But she hears everything and will come running. You have 5 terrifying days. Good luck!

14. Toca Boo

Toca Boo is one of those Halloween apps that are on the lighter side of spooky. In other words, right up my street. In the app, you are Bonnie, a little girl dressed as a ghost who goes around the house trying to scare her family. As Bonnie, you can hide behind curtains or under tables so you can pop out and scare family members. It’s a big house with plenty of surprises so you gotta stay out of the light or you’ll be seen. BOO!

15. The Very Hungry Pumpkin

This is definitely a lighter Halloween app perfect for trick-or-treating kids. It’s a fairly simple concept, where you guide the pumpkin to as many candies as possible while avoiding bumping into other trick-or-treaters. Easy-peasy Halloweensy.

16. Make a Zombie

Have you heard of build-a-bear? Well, this is the other end of the “build-a” spectrum. The Make a Zombie app lets you build your own pet zombies and choose their hairstyle, eyes, clothes, and other body parts. You can then share your undead pets with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Awww…

17. Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Ok, so I’m going to preface this one with READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE DOWNLOADING. The reviews of the Ghost Detector Radar Camera app are full of users saying the app actually did detect a ghost in their house and they were able to communicate with it through the app too . Who knows? It scared the crap out of me, but you can give it a go, if you’re braver than me. I was scared just typing this TBH.

18. Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker

So, if you’d rather just create the illusion of ghosts rather than actually trying to detect and communicate with them, then Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker is the app for you. This app allows you to create ghostly effects like make it look like your spirit has left your body, create spooky AR video effects, and add spooky ghost GIFs to your own images. Your photos will become evidence of paranormal activity to scare your near and dear. Cool.

19. Halloween Soundboard

Halloween Soundboard is a great app if you are looking for scary sounds and Halloween-themed effects. There are a variety of options to choose from that will suit all your Halloween sound needs with just a tap of your finger (or double-tap for loop play).

20. Carve-a-Pumpkin

We are ending our list the way we started it, on a fun note with the Carve-a-Pumpkin app. You can safely make a jack-o-lantern without the need for any knives! There are a variety of different designs to choose or you can customize your own. When you’re done, you can share your creation with all your friends!

Have you used any of these best Halloween apps? If so, what did you think of them? Are there others we should have included in this list? Please let us know your feedback in the comments.

Creep it real, my boo-tifuls 🎃

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