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4 Important Summer Skincare Health Tips 2022

4 Important Summer Skincare Health Tips 2022

by Elyse V

We’re in the thick of summer now and we thought it would be a good time to check in on 4 summer skincare health tips to see how our skincare treatment is holding up to the effects of the sun, heat, sweat, and air conditioning.

We wrote about some of the best skincare advice to keep your skin glowing and that advice forms the basis of our skincare routine year-round, but we tend to pay a little closer attention to the health of our skin in summer. The 4 summer skincare health tips we are reviewing today, are critical to the health of our skin (and overall health) so that our skin glows from within for years to come.

4 Important Summer Skincare Health Tips 2022

1. Hydration:

How much water are you drinking?

Hydration is important any time of year but is especially important during the summer, as the loss of fluids and moisture peaks during this season. There is sweat from the heat, and the drying effect of chlorine or salt water when swimming. Also, we are showering and shaving more, wearing bug spray, and getting tanned. All of these things can contribute to the depletion of moisture and dehydration, so it’s important that we make sure we stay hydrated.

On average, a person should have 6-8 x 8oz glasses of water per day (or roughly 2 litres) to stay hydrated.

2. Sunscreens

What and how often are you applying sunscreen?

The rule of thumb for applying sunscreen is that it should be applied 15 minutes before going outside and every two hours while in the sun. If you are going to be out in the direct sun, a minimum of 30 SPF is recommended. It is critical to continuously reapply your sunscreen too as the sun can wear it down and make it less effective over time. Not to mention that sweating and swimming just make it wear off even faster. Try to avoid the sun between the peak hours of 10 am-4 pm when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

Try to find a good ‘broad spectrum’ or ‘full spectrum’ sunscreen as they are designed to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. You can check out our list of favourite face sunscreens to get you started. You can also consider brands like SuperGoop that are natural, gluten-free and vegan. Oh, and they are also effective too.

3. Mole/Spot Check-in

It is recommended for everyone to have an end-of-season spot check appointment with their dermatologist. Even though it can take years for skin cancer to develop, new moles and spots are most easily detected. During this mid-season skin health check-in, it’s a good time to give your skin a once-over. 

You can refer to The ABCDE Rule from the American Cancer Society; a great tool for evaluating growths of Melanomas – especially new ones.

A is for asymmetry. Melanomas typically have irregular shapes.

B is for borders. Melanomas generally have borders that are not well-defined.

C is for colour. Melanomas look different from your other spots. Sometimes, they have several different shades within a single mole.

D is for diameter. If it’s larger than your other moles, you need to have it checked out – especially if that growth is sudden.

E is for evolving. Melanomas change their size, shape, and colour.

You can even find a dermatologist that will do a virtual check-in. You can send them pictures of spots you are concerned about and they will advise you on your best next steps. Remember, when in doubt, check it out.

4. Make Sure Beauty Products Match Your Skin’s Needs

Whatever your skin type (dry, oily, combination, normal, or sensitive) or skin condition (acne, eczema, rosacea, or dermatitis), it’s imperative that you use the perfect product for both your skin type and your skin’s needs. You want products that will work for your skin and not against it. Your products should make your skin look and feel its best, especially in the summer heat.

Don’t worry about using one brand or product either. Your loyalty is to your skin first and not a brand. You just find the best product(s) for every area of your face/body. Talk to staff/cosmeticians when available at stores or call, email, or chat with the brand directly online. Be honest about your needs and what you want from a product. Ask for a sample before you buy it.  Make sure you do a test on a small area of your skin before slathering it everywhere.

Just don’t use products that are not made for your skin type or skin needs. They won’t look good and they won’t feel good.

We hope these tips will help you strengthen your skincare habits. How does your skincare treatment hold up to these health tips? Do you have any other important skincare health tips to share? Please let us know in the comments.

It’s important to share our experiences with the Older Slightly Wiser community so we can grow together and glow together. Love and light beauties😊

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