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4 Of My Current Beauty Favourites

4 Of My Current Beauty Favourites

by Elyse V

I’m a beauty product junkie. I love all things hair, makeup, skin care and nails. I try them all too from drugstore brands to high end products. This means I can quickly assess if I like a product and if it works for me and my sensitive skin.  Sharing my current beauty favourites and tips is an ongoing theme and you can read previous posts via this beauty link.  

So without further ado, here are of 4 my current beauty favourites. 

1) T3 Volumizing hot rollers lux: I love my hot rollers. You get four smaller ones and four larger ones, the base, the carrying case and the clips. I like the height it gives me, even though I’ve not mastered the hot roller look, all together. Also, they are super easy to use as the dots on each curler turns white when hot and go back to red when cold – it’s almost fool-proof. 

2) IT cosmetics CC cream: this is a great CC cream. It’s the kind of product that people will compliment your skin when you wear it. It is not quite full coverage, but you can mix in some foundation if you like. It is hydrating, contains 50+ spf sunscreen and is an all around must have, in your beauty bag. 

3) Jade roller: I have a double ended jade roller and one end is grooved. I use the grooved side on my neck to rub in neck cream, and the smooth end under my eyes and on my face, to really rub in my face creams. Keeping the jade roller in the fridge adds to its depuffing abilities to help you look more rested. On a sleepy morning, a cold jade roller will help wake you up even before you’ve had your coffee. A jade roller can also be an essential part of a self facial massage routine. 

4) Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, All-In One Makeup Remover + Face Cleanser: this product is hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. I love using it to remove my make up before washing my face or sometimes on its own if I’m really tired. It’s also a great product to use in the morning to wipe off any residual make up or cream from the night before. This is a easy step prior to putting on your daytime moisturizer and makeup. 

There you have it. Not every item needs to be super expensive or trendy to be fabulous. These are 4 of my current beauty favourites that I can’t do without. What are your current favourites? Have you tried any of the one I listed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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