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4 Of My Current Favourite Beauty Products- July 2021 Edition

4 Of My Current Favourite Beauty Products- July 2021 Edition

by Elyse V

I’ve always been the girl who can’t wait to tout the merits of a new beauty product to my friends. Now, sharing my beauty favourites is something I absolutely love to do with you, my astute readers. Welcome to my inner circle, as I share with you 4 of my current favourite beauty products- July 2021 edition.

4 Of My Current Favourite Beauty Products- July 2021 Edition

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser:

This nourishing oil cleanser, is a pricier item; however, it is well worth the expense. Not only is this an incredible cleanser that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and clean, but it removes make up like magic. If you have trouble removing your mascara or eyeliner, add this as a cleanser to your routine. You can even soak it on a cotton pad and use it as a makeup remover. Or massage it into dry skin as a cleanser, then rise it off. You can use this cleanser on its own or as a step in a double cleanse (2 face cleanses with 2 different products). Either way your skin is going to thank you because it will be so ultra clean, you won’t believe the results.

Gloves In A Bottle Moisturizer:

We’ve all been washing our hands and using copious amounts of hand sanitizer during the pandemic, and this habit won’t be going away as things open up. As a result, our hands are a little chapped and dry. Fear not because help is on the way as I have found the product to fix this. Gloves in a Bottle is a moisturizer that’s made for dry hands in need of care. In just a few applications your hands are looking lovely, supple, and any cracks or dry skin is gone. What really makes this product special, is that when applied after washing your hands, it will protect them for up to four hours. It’s as if you were wearing gloves (hence the name). So it not only helps reverse the previous damage done to your hands, but it helps prevent present and future damage. So if you are going to be doing a load of dishes, rub this cream into your hands first. Then wait a minute for it to dry and do your dishes. Your hands will thank you in suppleness.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original:

Dry shampoo is a must have product, especially in the summer. The Batiste Dry Shampoo Original is by far my favourite. It doesn’t have any scent, so you’re just left with clean-looking hair. If you’re running late and don’t have time to wash your hair, this is the perfect product. Simply spray it on your hair, rub it in, then brush it out and your hair will look perfectly washed. The Batiste dry shampoo also volumizes your hair. So even if you’ve just washed your hair but it’s looking limp or the heat has gotten to it – a little Batiste will have it looking its best in no time. Let’s not forget the product removes oil from your hair and is sulfate free too.

Sephora Collection Metal Facial Cooling Globes:

You may remember that we love an at home face massage. In the past, we’ve even written about our love of jade rollers; however, this is the next step in de-puffing your face. Whereas jade and other stone rollers are porous, these stainless steel metal facial cooling globes are not. What does this mean? It means that the metal facial cooling globes are more sanitary, as you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up on them. Like any stainless steel product they are easy to wash and wipe to keep them clean. Also, the stainless steel keeps cool even if you don’t keep them in your fridge (beauty or regular). Using the globes in the morning, especially after keeping them in my beauty fridge, de-puffs my under-eye and wakes me up in a way that not even a shot of hot espresso can achieve!

I hope you enjoyed these 4 of my current favourite beauty product- July 2021 edition. Know that each month we bring you a curated list of what we love, whether it’s something new, something new to us, or just giving some love to an old favourite.

Do you have any favourite beauty products you think that we should check out? Have you tried any of the products on our list? Leave us a comment below to let us know, because we love hearing from you, our readers and always want to know what you’re interested in.

Enjoy your summer, and take some me-time to pamper yourself.

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