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4 of My Favourite Beauty Products February 2021

4 of My Favourite Beauty Products February 2021

by Elyse V

Every month we like to share some of our favourite products from the world of beauty. This encompasses makeup, hair products, and their accessories. I’ve been a beauty enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Since I have very sensitive skin, I’m super picky about the products I use. When I love something, my favourite thing to do is immediately tell my inner circle of beauty enthusiasts. What’s the point of finding a great product if you’re keeping it all to yourself? Sharing is caring, after all. So, consider yourself part of my inner circle, as I’m sharing with you these 4 of my favourite beauty products February 2021.

Here are 4 of my favourite beauty products February 2021:

Snap Hair Bun:

I love a quick bun. Since I have fine hair, I use these snap buns as a around-the-house or everyday bun. I personally wouldn’t use it for a special occasion. To use it, you make a ponytail and then place the ends between the two “plates”. Then roll towards your head- remember to fan the hair out along the plate as you go. Once you’ve rolled all the way to the scalp, snap the metal bands- it’s like an 80’s snap bracelet I had as a little kid. The snap hair bun makes a tight bun that doesn’t move and does not require Bobbie pins. This is something you need in your bag, like having an extra hair tie for emergency buns. FYI the Invisibobble Clicky Bun is an example of a snap bun.

Beauty Fridge:

You can buy a labeled beauty fridge or use any 6 can plug-in mini fridge. I love mine so much it was part of our holiday beauty gift guide. This is a game changer, as you can keep all your creams cold. Why do you need your creams to be cold? They depuff your skin better, absorb better, and you seem to use less as they go on so well. If you have a jade roller, keep it in there and it will work so much better. The cold jade roller will help wake you up if you use it in the morning. A cold jade roller multiples it’s effectiveness. A tiny fridge on your vanity or in your bathroom will revolutionize your skincare game.

Biore Strips:

These Biore strips is a tried and true product. Personally, I love these nose strips. They are something everyone should keep in their bathroom- if not to use semi-regularly, then to have on hand before you want to put extra effort into your regime. No matter what I do, I always have blackheads on my nose and this product is one of the few that gets rid of them. No matter how often or with what I wash my face with, my nose is always a problem spot. That’s why I always have a pack of these in my bathroom to use at least bi-weekly.

MAC Eyeshadow in Trax:

Trax is a perennial best seller for MAC. It is the perfect burgundy-plum shade with a shimmer. Trax is high pigment, so it goes on true, and blends super well. It can be used to fix a too dark crease or as an eyelid colour. It pairs well with light pinks, dark purples, and/or blacks. This is the kind of colour you buy two of so that you have it on hand when you run out. I’ve kept this colour as a staple on my counter (I use it so often I don’t put it away) for so long I don’t remember not using it. It’s a must have in your eye shadow collection.

From larger pieces and high end brands to drug store products, we use and love them all. These are our 4 favourite beauty products for February 2021. We hope that you try them and that you love them as much as we do.

Have you used these products?
Did you enjoy them?
What are some of your current beauty favourites?
What should we try next?
Drop us a comment below and let us know.
Practice self-care and love yourself.

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