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4 of My Favourite Beauty Products June 2021 Edition

4 of My Favourite Beauty Products June 2021 Edition

by Elyse V

As a bona fide beauty enthusiast/junkie/collector, I am generally the go-to person whenever someone in my life is looking for a new product, or if they are dealing with a specific issue, or if they just want to up their make-up game. I love helping them out whenever I can and I also love sharing my latest beauty finds, newest obsessions, and “must haves” with my friends and family. Nothing makes me happier than finding a new product, that actually works, or rediscovering a product that I haven’t used in a while, and telling those in my life, all about it. With that in mind, today I’m sharing with you – my nearest and dearest – 4 of my current favourite beauty products for June 2021.

4 of My Favourite Beauty product June 2021 Edition

Bye Bye Redness Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

This Bye Bye Redness Sensitive Skin Moisturizer is a game changer! I have some discolouration/redness on my cheeks and a bit on the bridge of my nose. This product said that it was great for sensitive skin – which I have, and you can read about it here. So, I thought that it could be good for me. This moisturizer exceeded my wildest dreams, and it has only been 2 weeks. In this short time, my redness is greatly diminished, and my skin is less splotchy. IT Cosmetics purported that the cream reported “97% had a clinically measured improvement in skin redness” by an outside laboratory…. I was shocked that this proved to be true. When I use this cream I only use it on my red areas, because the cream is expensive and my entire face doesn’t need the treatment. I use another moisturizer on the rest of my face. My skin has never been so even without make up. Do I still have some redness? Yes, but it’s definitely getting better. It should be known that I do apply the cream twice daily, as stated for best results.

The Delon Body Butter Grapeseed Moisturizer

I have patches of very dry skin on arms and legs. I’ve tried many, many moisturizers- to various degrees of success. The Delon Body Butter Grapeseed moisturizer is excellent. The consistency is very creamy. It does leave your skin a little shiny and sticky, but it really moisturizers your skin well. Also, it dries fairly quickly and leaves a thin film on your skin. This moisturizer really quenches dry skin. In fact, it made the dry skin on the back of my upper arms much better.

Schick Intuition Women’s Razor

Yes, the Schick Intuition Women’s Razor was just a part of our 7 ways to remove body hair at home blog; however, it is my favourite razor. Seeing as it is summer and many of us might be showing a little leg at the pool or just in your summer clothes, it’s nice to know about a great razor. With this razor you never need to buy shaving cream, as it is built in to the blade. It gives a you a moisturizing and close shave without the mess and fuss of a traditional shave. Also, it’s quite easy to change blades. For me, it’s the perfect travelling/on-the-go razor as the blades come with a cap to keep them clean and protected and you don’t need shaving cream, so you can travel lighter. This is razor is “must have” especially for summer but perfect all year long.

Erase Your Face Reusable Makeup Removing Cloth for Sensitive Skin

These Reusable Makeup Removing Cloths are great for sensitive skin because you don’t need any makeup remover. All you need is water and the cloth and it will take off all your makeup. I’ve found that though it says it can remove eyeliner and mascara it’s not always true- so I like to put a little micellar water on the cloth to help remove more stubborn makeup. However, if traveling, just pack the cloth and you’re good to remove makeup before washing your face.

I hope this list of my 4 current favourite beauty products for June 2021, helps you discover your new fave or makes you consider giving an existing product you have another chance!

Have you used any of the products on this list? What do you think of them? Do you have any favourites we should be trying? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Remember to take a like time to pamper yourself-you deserve it.

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