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4 Signs You Are Sensitive to Your Eye Cream

by Elyse V

I (may) have mentioned in previous posts that I have very sensitive skin and eyes. By this, I mean that both can react very quickly to new products. I recently tried a new eye cream – from a well-known brand that has great products – and things didn’t go well. So, I thought I’d share 4 signs you are sensitive to your eye cream and should ditch it.

Now I like to try a new product at least twice (providing the reaction wasn’t bad) to see if it was the product or a combination of products that caused the irritation. I also like to make sure it wasn’t my fault that led to the issue with the product. Like, if I got the eye cream (or other product) too close to or in my eye(s) for example. User error is real.

My skin is so sensitive that I once got hives from a very fancy eye cream (not the one mentioned above). This cream had loads of celebrity endorsements too and was very cutting edge. When the reaction started I thought it might be a breakout of some sort but it turned out to be hives. It’s too bad too because I, otherwise, liked the product. But alas…

4 Signs You Are Sensitive to Your Eye Cream:

So I’m trying a new eye cream and it goes on nicely. I like the initial feel of the product but I know to wait to see how it is going to wear given my many sensitivities. It could take a varied amount of time but if:

1) My eyes get red:

My eyes going bloodshot is never a good sign and it is something that will happen fairly quickly. At this point I hope it doesn’t get worse. If it ends with just my eyes getting red, I’m generally still open to trying the product again to see if it’s due to the combination of products (like the cleanser) that I used. It’s up to you though. If it’s beyond your comfort zone, move on from this product and cut your losses.

2) My eyes start to itch/ burn:

That itchy feeling is when I know things have totally gone off the rails or heading there. If this were makeup I’d be washing it off, but that doesn’t always work with eye cream. Sometimes if you try to rub some of the moisturizer off you’ll feel a slight sting which can be disconcerting. Try rinsing your eyes and removing as much of the product as best as you can. Put this cream in the “do not use” pile.

3) My eyes start to water:

This is when I quickly know – without a doubt – that I can no longer use an eye cream. The watering can continue long after you think any can possibly be left and it leaves your eyes generally feeling very irritated. Try rinsing the product off and putting cold compresses on your eyes to ease the irritation as that sometimes works for me.

4) My eyes look worse the next day:

I have gotten asked what was wrong with my eyes the day after an eye cream reaction as my eyes were puffy and looked red. Ideally, you can stay home and let your eyes recover. If you have to hide the effects of your eye cream the next day, it’s safe to say it should go in the “never use again” pile.

Sometimes even amazing products cause issues like this. I like to pass products I can’t use onto a friend/family member who doesn’t have the same sensitivities as me. So, even if you can’t return the product it doesn’t have to go to waste. Obviously, sharing it with others depends on the product and packaging, as you want to keep things hygienic.

Reactions and sensitivities are no joke and they should not be taken lightly. Especially when it involves your eyes. If you experience any adverse effects to a new cream or beauty product, discontinue use immediately. Try to rinse the product off as best as you can. Seek medical attention if necessary. Beauty is NOT pain. We are better than to continue that toxic bit of BS.

If you want to know what moisturizers work for my sensitive skin check, out my Clinique skincare post.

What eye creams have you tried? Have you had similar sensitivity/irritation issues? I’d be so grateful to hear your feedback. We appreciate hearing your feedback so we can grow Older and Slightly Wiser together.

Stay safe, keep well, and be kind to yourself.

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