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4 Types Of Towels To Improve Your Beauty Game

4 Types Of Towels To Improve Your Beauty Game

by Elyse V

The humble towel often gets overlooked when you think about your beauty routine. In fact, some towels can really improve your beauty regime like the 4 types of towels to improve your beauty game we are sharing here.

We’ love passing along our tips and tricks for achieving glowing skin, hair, and makeup. Today we’re looking at how something as simple as a towel- in its various forms, can make an impact on your beauty routine.

4 Types of Towels To Improve Your Beauty Game

1. Microfiber hair towel

Wrapping your hair up in a big fluffy towel to absorb water before allowing it to air dry or blow dry, is a common practice. However, the type of towel you use can impact your hair and how it looks.

Just wrapping your hair in a terry cloth towel or a terry cloth towel wrap, can actually promote tangles and flyways and make your less healthy over time. This is because of the rough little nubs in the fabric. On the other hand, microfiber towels or wraps, cause less friction, which minimizes these issues. Microfiber, also absorbs more water and makes your drying time shorter. Who doesn’t want your hair looking healthier and drying easier, and all you need is a towel? Sign me up.

2. Velcro towel wrap

Having a towel you can wrap around you securely is very important. Why you may ask? The most obvious is so your towel doesn’t come undone or slip off. However, they are great to wear when you don’t want to get a robe dirty or a full robe would be in your way.

I like to wear one when I’m dyeing my hair at home, so it is easy to just jump in the shower to rinse the dye off without anything rubbing up against the dye. Speaking of dyeing your hair, here are 7 tips for dyeing hair at home to help you look your best.

Also, it’s great to have a body wrap towel when putting on makeup. Blending foundation down your neck and by your ears can get on your clothes or a robe. Having a velcro wrap towel on leaves you covered, but exposes your shoulders and clavicle for easy makeup application. Not to mention they come in handy during your skincare routine, so you don’t get your clothes or PJs wet.

3. Makeup removal towels

These soft towels can be purchased in a variety of sizes from larger ones to smaller sets, to be used every day. You can use them on their own with water or put micellar water on them for extra cleaning power. Either way, these are great to have on hand because they are reusable and so much better for the environment than using cotton pads. You can read more about easy ways to green your beauty routine here.

4. Face cloths

Traditional face cloths have a place in your beauty routine to help keep your skin looking its best. They do a better job than just using your hands and water. A face cloth will help not only clean your skin; but exfoliate it too. Using a face cloth is an easy way to exfoliate that isn’t too harsh, and you don’t have to buy an expensive skincare gadget.

Adding these 4 types of towels to up your beauty game are an easy way to improve your skincare routine. They also make a great gift especially when paired with a favourite skincare product for birthday or holiday. Check out our beauty gift guides here.

What are your favourites from our list of 4 types of towels to up your beauty game? Do you have any other type of towel we should be adding? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We can all better our beauty routines by sharing beauty tips, tricks, and opinions plus we love hearing from our OSW community.

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