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Beauty Favourites: Thanks to Jamie Street for sharing this image on Unsplash

5 Of My Current Beauty Favourites

by Elyse V

You may not know this yet… but I’m a beauty girl and I have a lot of beauty favourites. I’ve always loved all things hair and makeup since I was a tween. I have tried darn near close to everything from high end to drugstore brands. Couple that with the fact that I have super sensitive skin I can quickly assess what works well for me.  I’m the girl who shares all her tips, tricks, recommendations, and new obsessions with her friends and family… welcome to my circle. Here are a few of my current beauty favourites.


I’m a Clinique fan. No list of my beauty favourites would be complete without a Clinique product. I have mega issues with mascara because I have sensitive eyes. The only brand that doesn’t cause my eyes to be itchy, red, and swollen is Clinique. I’ve tried all their mascaras and (as I love a-more-is-more look) this is my all time favourite. You can amp it up with an extra coat or even add Clinique’s lash building primer. This mascara delivers no matter your look and is perennially in my makeup bag. Tip: if you like a bold lash always go for the darkest shade possible. My beauty favourite shade is Blackest Black.


This cleanser is just everything. It works well after you’ve removed your makeup. It gives you a good cleanse and it can remove your make up while you cleanse. When it comes to cleansers, I find this one gentle enough for sensitive skin, but strong enough to get everything off your skin. This is a must try. 


When I received my first beauty spatula, a Spatty, it was in a beauty subscription box. I thought I’d never use it. Boy, was I was wrong. As someone who loves to get the most out my products, this a game changer. Whether your nails are long and you don’t want to waste expensive product getting stuck under them or you just want to get every last drop out of any product container, you need this in your make-up case. It goes where you can’t.

Light up magnifying mirror: 

You may think this is something you only need if you have problems seeing in a mirror, but not so. A good light up magnifying mirror will up your eyebrow plucking game, make sure your blending is on point, and help you perfect your eyeliner. This is something you need on your counter or vanity.  Also, invest in one that lights up and gives you a good magnifying so you don’t end up upgrading again and again like I did. Learn from my mistakes.  And a good one, doesn’t have to be expensive.

Vented paddle hair brush:

Light weight paddle brushes allow air to flow through easily.  These are great used to help get wet hair to a damp state before you go through it with your round brush. A vented paddle brush will cut down on the time you take to dry you hair and you’ll have better control and less frizz when you add this into your hair routine. 

So these are just a few of my current beauty favourites. I will continue to let you know what I’m in love with. And remember price does not dictate quality. What are your favourite beauty products? Let us know in the comments.

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