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5 Of My Current Favourite Beauty Products- September 2021 Edition

5 Of My Current Favourite Beauty Products- September 2021 Edition

by Elyse V

Each and every month, I share with you some of my favourite beauty products. It’s always great to switch up your beauty routine and try out some new products, and I love sharing what works for me, with all of you. So, today I’m sharing 5 of my current favourite beauty products- September 2021 edition.

Why switch up your products? First of all, changing up your look and trying something new is fun. Secondly, any difficulty you may be having with your makeup/hair/skincare; might be fixed by a new product. Thirdly, changing your skin and hair products is essential; because your skin/hair can get used to products rendering them less effective. Also, our skin tends to change with the seasons so our products need to keep up.

5 Of My Current Favourite Beauty Products- September 2021 Edition

Hooker Lips Luxury Lip Balm in Pumpkin Spice:

Call me basic if you want, but I unabashedly love all things pumpkin spice. Since pumpkin spice season is upon us, I wanted to share another way to enjoy this classic bit of fall with a fun lip balm. Your lips always need to stay hydrated-even if you are shying away from lipsticks, because of mask-wearing. Lip balms are the perfect way to do that-we even featured a list of some of our favourite natural lip balms. Having a fun seasonal lip balm is a great way to shake things up and keep them fresh. This Hooker Lips Luxury Lip Balm in Pumpkin Spice is not overwhelming to wear, but it hits all of the warm spicy notes that the name suggests. So, enjoy this lip balm along with a pumpkin spice coffee pod and usher fall in with style.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water:

Smashbox makes excellent products. One of their standouts has always been primers. Personally, I love the Photo Finish Primer Water, as it is a product you can put on before and/or after you apply your makeup. Recently I was out on a humid day while wearing my mask (double masking, actually), and my makeup remained intact. Why did my makeup stay put? Because I had set my makeup before and after, with this primer. I sprayed the primer before I applied my foundation, and then I put a spritz on, after my makeup was finished to set my look. My makeup was virtually as flawless when I returned home as when I left. Seeing as September can still be a humid month, this product will help keep your make-up stay put, all day long.

Moschino I Love Love Eau De Toilette:

Having a rotation of go-to perfumes to pick from is great; so that you have something for any occasion or mood. I generally have three to four perfume bottles open at any time, and I Love Love is my staple of that rotation. It is a fantastic scent that is easy enough to wear every day. It is a citrusy yet, clean scent that has a hint of a light musk to ground it. I enjoy the fragrance, as it is fresh and light, yet long-lasting. On occasion (likely near the Christmas holidays and Mother’s Day) you can even find gift sets, so you can layer this scent with body wash and lotion. The packaging is fun and bright, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is some bubble-gum sickly, sweet scent. This is a great, fun fragrance to add to your repertoire. Trying a new perfume is an easy way to give yourself a luxurious boost.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealing Pot – Cream Concealer for Dark Circles:

Now, I know I’ve written a lot about my love for IT Cosmetics and especially the Bye Bye Under Eye™ Anti-Aging Concealer; however, the pot formulation is different than the tube. The Concealing Pot goes on just a little bit thicker and doesn’t leave a wet finish that really needs to be powdered the way that the other one does. The pot contains “skin-smoothing, line-minimizing cream” and has the same formulation as the Anti-Aging Concealer. One of the main issues the pot addresses is that it helps to prevent creasing or cracking. I like to use the pot for special occasions or times when I need more coverage. This is an example of how a fabulous product can be improved with a slight variation to the formulation. Having the concealer in a pot makes it easier to get every last drop out, easily. Getting the last bits out of the tube can be difficult because you have to cut the tube open; so that you don’t waste product- we wrote about how to properly cut tubes open in our post about how to get the most out of your beauty products.

Ice Cream GO Sleek Safe Straight Thermal Protective Spray:

This is a thermal protective spray to be used when you blow-dry and/or straighten your hair– which I do all the time. Using a product like this helps keep your hair from drying out and being damaged by the heat of hot tools.
You can spray this on damp hair before you blow-dry it, or you can spray it on already dried hair before you straighten it. Protecting your hair is important, as no one wants to have damaged, broken, and lifeless hair. This product helps protect your hair from all the stress we put it through. As someone who always blow-drys her hair, and then straightens it, this is a great product to have in my haircare arsenal.

This list of 5 of my current favourite beauty products includes premium and drugstore brands because the cost is not a solid indication of whether a product is worthy of your time and money. That is why you should be open to new brands and products.

Remember that doing your skincare routine, styling your hair, doing your makeup, and even spritzing yourself with perfume are simple ways to make time for yourself. Practising self-care, is something you should do every day – here is a list of self-care ideas that you can do in just 10 minutes.

Have you tried any of the items on this list of 5 of my current favourite beauty products? If so what did you think of them? What are some of your favourite beauty products that we should try? Please leave us a comment below and let us know, as we love hearing from our readers,

So remember, stay open to trying new beauty products and take some time for yourself every day. You’re worth it.

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