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5 Of My Current Favourite Beauty Products – September 2022 Edition

by Elyse V

Fall might be almost here, but the weather is still warm, and we are all still taking full advantage. This time of year, you want to take more care of your skin, because of the changing season and have hair and makeup routines which are also adaptable. For these reasons, it’s the perfect time to show some love to my 5 current favourite beauty products – September 2022 Edition.

This list highlights featured items that I love, from new products to ones I’ve loved for a while, they do cover a wide-range of prices. I truly believe that beauty products do not have to be expensive to be good, and that expensive products aren’t always the greatest. As we must judge every product based on its own merits.

5 Of My Current Favourite Beauty Products – September 2022 Edition

FoxyBae BEACH PLEASE Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray:

This is a great sea salt spray for overnight curls, as it helps get that natural curl texture to become more prominent. Not to mention it can enhance any curl. A good sea salt spray was one of our 8 tips for the best heatless curls. Remember, overnight curls are not just for summer.

Mac eyeshadow in Nude Model: You can never go wrong with Mac eyeshadows. Mac eyeshadows are the GOAT for a reason. They are highly pigmented, true to colour, there is minimal fall, blend well, and are long-wearing. The colour “Nude Model” is the perfect Fall colour, as it’s a warm plum colour and has sparkle, but don’t let the sparkle scare you. The sparkle is very wearable and can be rocked in the daytime. The colour is buildable, so you can adjust how impactful it appears. If I’m not sure what to do with my makeup, or what colour will work – this is the lid colour that will come to the rescue.

MILK MAKEUP Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Hydrating Face Mask: This is a clay mask, and clay masks usually turn my sensitive skin bright pink; however, not this one. This is a gentle hydrating clay mask, and it is amazing. I love that this is a stick clay mask, which you twist and rub on your face. By applying the mask this way, it means you aren’t going to have green clay all over your hands. So the positives of this product are that it’s very gentle, easy to apply, and soothing. Another big plus is that it did not cause my sensitive skin to turn pink! After applying this mask, my skin feels very moisturized, hydrated, and looks brighter. Another positive is that you only leave the mask on for 5 to 10 minutes. This means it can easily be part of your routine- no need to wait 30 minutes on this mask.

Zoë AYLA Face Mask Applicator: I received this in my FabFitFun Summer box, and it is a fantastic tool. One side is a spatula, and the other side is a small silicone brush. It’s easy to clean, and it is large. The other silicone spatula I have is very small, which is great for getting product out of little pots and tubes, but it is not for applying product. However, this product can be used so to scrape large jars and can be used to apply masks and moisturizers- no need to use your fingers. When I use this applicator, I tend to use less product than when I use my fingers. I don’t need it to spread on the MILK mask, but I use the silicon brush to help remove it. I rinse the brush end under warm water,” and then use it to scrub the mask off. I would say it can easily take off 80% of the mask, and loosen any residue on your face. Then you can wipe the rest off with a damp face cloth- this means fewer marks discolouring your towels. Also, the silicone is very gentle, so your skin won’t be as irritated when you remove this mask.

Billion Dollar Beauty Universal Brow Pencil: This is another product I have to thank FabFitFun for introducing me to. This is a creamy, dreamy, and altogether fantastic brow pencil. It is a “creamy pomade that glides on with ease and blends into natural brows effortlessly. The formula is soft enough to avoid any pulling or tugging.” This is the best pencil I have ever used, as I am usually a brow powder girl.

Armed with these products, our Back-to-School makeup bag essentials, will have you looking flawless this Fall.

Have you tried any of our 5 current favourite beauty products from – the September edition?
If so, which ones?

What are some of your favourite products that you think we should try?

Leave us a comment below and let us know.

We love hearing from our readers.

“Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through.” —Janelle Monae

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