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5 Of My Favourite Beauty Products-November 2021 edition

5 Of My Favourite Beauty Products-November 2021 edition

by Elyse V

It is always fun to discuss what beauty products and tools you love because by sharing this information, we can all learn something new. Today, I’m sharing 5 of my favourite beauty products- November 2021 edition with you.

All of the products on this list have been personally vetted. Some of the products are new favourites, and some are products or tools I use every day. Also, they range in price because price is not an indicator if a product is worth your time and/or money. Drugstores have fabulous products, and luxury brands do too – so it depends on the individual item.

5 Of My Favourite Beauty Products-November 2021 edition

Ice Cream Hair Dye:

This spot is technically taken up by two products because you need the dye and the peroxide volume. I love this colour, and after trying several boxed dyes, this professional dye is my favourite by far. I find that this product leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy. Now, you need to know how to mix this hair dye product, but the instructions on the packing are fairly simple to follow. You need to have your own plastic bowl and dye applicator brush to mix and apply the dye. Recently, we shared 7 tips for dyeing your hair at home, to help you get the best application possible. With this dye and those tips, you can look flawless, without the salon.

Prada La Femme Eau De Perfume:

This is a fresh yet floral scent, which I just love. Prada describes this scent as “hyper-sensual floral, mellowed by beeswax and vanilla, and enhanced with tuberose absolute and a surprisingly feminine vetiver, bringing positive energy.” I don’t like an overly floral, sweet, or musky scent- this is none of those. Perfectly balanced, this is a sophisticated, yet feminine scent that can be worn for a social occasion or just every day. Remember, spritzing a little perfume can make you feel special, and it can be a way to practice self-care regularly- by giving yourself a pick-me-up. For more ideas, check out our 5 tips for practising self-care for 10-minutes every day.

Tarte Sex Kitten Eyeliner:

I wear this eyeliner every day. This is my go-to, for a special occasion or just running errands. This eyeliner can help you achieve any look, as it has a great tip that allows for thin precision or a thicker line. It even made our list of the 3 best eyeliners for sensitive eyes. Just remember to store it upside down to keep this (or any pen liner) longer. I keep my eyeliner pens in a large mug with my makeup brushes. Using a mug to hold your brushes was one of our 4 alternative uses for mugs.

TRESemmé Tres Two ® Unscented Extra Hold Hair Spray:

I’m a firm believer in hairspray. I have a natural wave to my hair and straighten it. So, to help hold that style, I like to add a light layer of hairspray after straightening my hair. TRESemmé Hair Spray describes the product as having “24-hour humidity-resistance against flyaways and frizz, in rain or shine. With TRES Two® Unscented Extra Hold Hair Spray, the water-free formula will spray on dry and give your hair the perfect amount of hold, free of the stiffness and stickiness of some aerosol hair sprays.” I believe the product lives up to this description. Why? Because I can still comb my hair and not have it become a helmet after spraying it on my hair. It also helps save my hair from humidity. As soon as my hair is exposed to humidity, the wave comes through, and this product helps stop that. This might be a drugstore product, but it is as good as any salon-quality hair spray.

T3 LUCEA ID Straightener:

Yes, this is an expensive product; however, it is worth the price. This is a fantastic straightener- and I have gone through MANY straighteners in my time. The T3 is the first straightener where I don’t have to fry my hair by using it at the highest heat for my style to stay in place. Also, it heats up so quickly. Gone is the long wait for you to wait as your straighter gets to the right temperature. T3 says that this product “intelligently adjusts heat to your unique profile, based on your hair texture, length, and colour treatments. Eliminate the guesswork with personalized heat that delivers smooth, shiny results and less damage in a single pass.” I find this is true. Yes, it is expensive, but the price is justifiable when you can get a lasting and salon-quality hairstyle after every use.

As the holidays approach, you may want to consider favourite beauty product recommendations for the beauty junkies on your gift lists.

What do you think of the products that made the list of 5 of my favourite beauty products – November 2021 edition? Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your current favourite beauty products? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Remember, as the holidays approach, continue taking time for yourself throughout the busiest times of the season. That’s when you need it most.

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