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5 of Our Favourite Beauty Brands From The Shopping Channel To Keep You Looking Fabulous

5 of Our Favourite Beauty Brands From The Shopping Channel To Keep You Looking Fabulous

by Elyse V

For some, shopping from a TV shopping site like The Shopping Channel may feel like a dated way to shop. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and today we are sharing 5 of our favourite beauty brands from The Shopping Channel to prove it.

My mom has always been a fan of The Shopping Channel, while I used to be a bit reluctant to buy in to their products. I wasn’t sure if it was all hype but it’s not. The Shopping Channel has consistently introduced us to innovative products we might not have otherwise tried. Where these types of shopping experiences excel, is that they educate you on the product, without you having to search for relevant information.

Note: The Shopping Channel is Canadian-based but we have also included links under each item of where you could get these products in the United States

Our Favourite Beauty Brands From The Shopping Channel To Keep You Looking Fabulous:

IT Cosmetics:

We are huge fans of IT Cosmetics here at Older Slightly Wiser. In fact, we wrote an entire review about products we loved from them, and how I was first introduced to the brand by The Shopping Channel. Over the years this brand has given me many of my favourite beauty products from The Shopping Channel or otherwise. They offer so many great products, like Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, Celebration Foundation, and of course their CC+ Cream. It is the fact that their products are constantly amazing that makes IT Cosmetics one of our favourite beauty brands offered through The Shopping Channel.

IT Cosmetics USA


SKINN is a fantastic skincare brand. The Non-Negotiable Dermappeal Microdermabrasion Treatment is a fabulous exfoliator. This is a rough exfoliator, so you have to be gentle. However, it gives you a deep cleanse that your skin needs, to shed that extra layer of dead skin and debris. I like to do it once a week, as part of my skincare routine. Also, the Neck Armour Leave-On Mask is a game-changer. It is “a powerful treatment that tones, moisturizes, and restructures the delicate skin of the neck.” All this helps to stop the signs of ageing, as most people forget to moisturize their necks. Moisturizing this area, is very important, as it is one of the first signs of ageing.


Doll 10:

Doll 10 is a controversial addition to the list as I hate their concealer. However, the reason they are a favourite beauty brand from The Shopping Channel is for their HydraGel Blush. This cream blush is light and velvety. You can apply it with your fingers, and either blend it out using your fingers or using a brush. It gives you a great colour that while pigmented, is sheer enough to be buildable. I like to put a dab of it on my brow bone when I’m doing a no makeup, makeup look, to make my blush look more natural. This is a nice product to keep in your bag (if you feel you need to carry a blush with you). Blush/cheek tint was one of the honourable mentions in our five products to keep in your makeup bag post.

Doll 10 USA

Lily Herbceuticals:

Lily Herbceurticals is another fantastic skincare brand. I love the Tibetan Eye Dark Circle Defense; as I suffer from dark under-eye circles, and this product helps. It was one of my top 4 current favourite beauty products May 2021 edition. Another great product is the Chinese Lily Youth Restore Vital Toning Complex, which helps leave you with “healthy revitalized and moisturized skin”. It is a toner with an almost serum-like texture and it helps better the texture of your skin, get rid of any dullness, and helps with redness. Plus, the very pleasant smell of the herbceuticals, makes these products feel very luxurious!

Lily Herbceuticals USA

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills:

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills is a tried and true brand that has never let me down. I find their products to be innovative and they really work! For someone like me who has fine hair, I find a lot of products weigh my hair down, and make it look greasy and heavy but Nick Chavez products have never done that. The Redone spray helps to reactivate your hair and leaves it looking fresh and fabulous 2 or 3 days after washing/stying. The Redone spray also helps to reactivate the products in your hair, so you can even choose to add rollers or a hairdryer or nothing at all. This is a great product especially if you are looking for tips on how to wash your hair only twice a week to improve the health of your hair. Two of my favourite shampoos are Plumper ’N Thicker Shampoo And Conditioner (which was one of the 5 of my current beauty favourites January 2021 edition) and Advanced Volume Shampoo & Conditioner. Both sets totally live up to the hype and they leave your hair full of body.

Nick Chavez USA

Have you seen the Neogen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse on TickTock? Well, long before TickTock was even a site, this product was on The Shopping Channel. Shopping Channels are great for breaking new products and brands to help bring them into the mainstream. They vet the vendors they showcase and their viewers know and trust this which makes them more willing to try a new, independent beauty brand (or other brand).

It’s easier to try out a product when it is backed by a larger retailer and their guarantee. Most of us can’t afford to risk our hard-earned money on a new product that may end up being useless to us. When we are trying out a new beauty product, we rely on these 5 tips for assessing a new beauty product to quickly find out if they are a keeper or a learning experience (nice way of saying dud).

We hope this list of our 5 favourite beauty brands from The Shopping Channel helps introduce you to some new brands or even just some new products from brands you love and trust.

Have you tried any of our favourite beauty brands from The Shopping Channel? Do you have other suggestions of products that we should try? Leave us a comment below and let us know – we love hearing from our readers.

Remember to embrace change, try something new, and take some valuable self-care time for yourself.

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