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5 Products You Need In Your Makeup Bag To Keep You Looking Flawless

5 Products You Need In Your Makeup Bag To Keep You Looking Flawless

by Elyse V

When you’re out and about, your makeup may need some touchups. This doesn’t mean you have to carry all your makeup in your purse. There was a time when I carried far too many beauty products in my makeup bag. Then I realized I was carrying items around that I never used for touchups, which was ridiculous. Not only was I lugging around a carry-on of makeup, but it would break, or go missing. So, after much makeup bag item-swapping, I’ve whittled it down to these 5 products you need in your makeup bag to keep you looking flawless all day long (even during hot, humid summer days).

5 Products You Need in Your Makeup Bag:

1. Concealer:

Concealer is something you should always have with you. A concealer can cover a multitude of sins. Your under-eye dark circles peeking out? Sweating off your makeup? Makeup running? Concealer is what you need. If you have to wipe off any of your makeup, a little dot of concealer can cover a smudge and blend to cover any streaks. We recommend the IT Cosmetics bye-bye under-eye anti-ageing concealer. It’s a great concealer that you should apply with your fingers, because it works better when it’s warmed by the heat of your skin. Remember, a little really goes a long way. It glides on very smoothly and lasts a long time, so it can blend into foundation, if you need it to.

2. Eyeliner:

Keeping an eyeliner in your bag is a smart move because it’s easy to accidentally ruin your eyeliner. Anytime your eye(s) waters, no matter the reason, it’s always good to have your eyeliner on hand to touch it up. Now, my preference would be one of these three great eyeliners. No one wants to be focused on repositioning their bangs to cover their missing eyeliner, so keep one on you.

3. Lipstick or lip balm:

Many of us haven’t been wearing much lipstick lately because we are wearing face masks (which is far more important than lipstick even to me, but I digress). Whether you choose to include lipstick or lip balm in your makeup bag, will depend on if you’ll be wearing a mask or not. If you are wearing a face mask (or if lipstick isn’t your thing), go with a lip balm. Your lips still need to stay moisturized even under a face mask and you won’t have to worry about having a bright/dark colour smeared across your face. Any of these great natural lip balms will work perfectly. If you are NOT going to be wearing a mask, then throw the lipstick that you’ll want to keep reapplying in your makeup bag. Touching up lipstick is important to do because it easily smears, smudges, and/or wears off from eating, drinking, talking, and kissing (lucky you). Plus, lipstick really finishes your makeup look. It’s the proverbial cherry on the makeup sundae.

4. Blotting papers:

Blotting papers are great to have on you in case it’s hot and you’re sweating, because it removes the sweat without ruining your makeup. They are easy to carry, as they come in a little package that is not much larger than a business card.

5. Powder foundation or press powder:

Again, this is just something to help keep your makeup fresh and flawless. In case you notice you’re dewy, and need to keep your makeup in place, or you need to help blend anything you might have missed in the mirror that morning.

Very honourable mentions go to mascara, a mini or rollerball of perfume, lip pencil, a lip and cheek tint/blush, and travel size pack of Q-tips. These are things you may want to consider having on you, but they’re not essential.

What did you think of the five beauty products you need in your makeup bag to keep you looking flawless? Are there any other key products we missed, that we should be carrying with us every day? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We love hearing from our readers, and your feedback is always appreciated.

Stay safe and fabulous and remember the possibilities are endless.

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