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5 Reasons To Ditch Your Lipstick

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Lipstick

by Elyse V

Not all lipsticks are created equal and sometimes you just need to know when your lipstick is not working for you. That’s why we are sharing 5 reasons to ditch your lipstick.

Overall, we’re trying to better what you have in your makeup bag, whether it is the 4 signs you are sensitive to your eye cream and should stop using it or our complete guide to cleaning makeup brushes. Now, we are getting ready for summer, by saying goodbye to the lipsticks that just aren’t working for us anymore.

Keep in mind, that you should give your lipstick more than one chance before writing it off. Doing a lip scrub like the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator, can help give you a great canvas to apply lipstick to. Having plump, exfoliated, hydrated lips will help you with a lot of lipstick issues. However, sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Also, lipsticks last for about two years. You can wipe them with alcohol on a tissue and then let dry as this helps keep them sanitized and clean.

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Lipstick

1) The Lipstick Has Expired:

Now that we know how to keep our lipsticks clean, they can still go bad. Knowing something is wrong with a lipstick includes:

  • The lipstick is smelling off. If you notice that it kind of smells like wax or plastic, which wasn’t there when the product was new, it be time to ditch it.
  • A change in texture is also problematic, if the lipstick is hard and not rubbing pigment or colour onto your lips, throw it out. Similarly if the colour has changed, that is a sign that the product is turning.
  • Bonus, if glosses or liquid lipsticks look separated or dried out in their tube, move on.

2) It Makes Your Teeth Look Yellow Or Your Skin Look Dull/Sallow:

  • If a colour is dulling your teeth or making them look yellow- this is not the lipstick for you.
  • Similarly if it makes your skin look like you’re overly yellow or generally dulling your skin tone- drop that lipstick as it isn’t doing you any favours.
  • Tip: You may be able to use this lipstick as a mix to lighten, brighten, darken, matte, or add another tone to another lipstick depending on the colour. Lipstick can be expensive and if you can’t return a bad colour, try to blend it into something useful if possible. Personally, I stay away from anything too iridescent or frosted as it will always make my teeth look yellow and my dark circles stand out.

3) Overly Drying And Uncomfortable Lipstick:

  • A lot of long-wear lipsticks can be drying. The solution is often to put a balm or gloss over that product. However, if your lips still feel overly dry and tight, turn your back on that lipstick. You don’t want to feel self conscious of your lips and be uncomfortable.

4) The Lipstick Bleeds or Goes all Over Your Teeth:

  • Some lipsticks just don’t stay on your lips and they feather out, or bleed over the outline of your lips.
  • A great lip liner can help with this. Changing up your application can help. However, sometimes it is just that a formula just isn’t for you. No one wants their lipstick smudging down towards their chin.
  • Similarly, there are just some lipsticks that, no matter what you do, end up on your teeth.

5) The Lipstick Doesn’t Last:

  • If you have a hectic day or a big event, you may not have the time to keep re-applying your lipstick. So if your lipstick doesn’t leave a tint or stain, you may want leave that lipstick behind, or at least use it as a topper over another lipstick.
Tip for mixing lipstick: You can use a beauty spatula to actually mush and mix lipsticks together in a clean container and apply with a lip brush. Personally, I think this is a little harder, as you have to have a brush on you and you’re committing to breaking lipsticks. My favourite way is to simply layer them on my lips. If you want the brightness of your favourite red, but need a pinker tone you apply the red first, and put the pink over it. Think that a colour needs to be deepened? Then maybe add a layer of a burgundy colour. Don’t be afraid to make your own unique lip colour and best of all you can change it seasonally, or to go with your various outfits.

These 5 reasons to ditch your lipstick will help you identify when something just isn’t working. There are too many times we keep using a product or colour we hate-we have stop this madness. Do not be afraid to throw away a lipstick or to use it as a mixer with a product you love to make it into something useable.

Lipstick has been one of the products that we have almost completely stopped using, since the advent of the face mask. So, now we’ll have to go through all our lipsticks that have been in the bottom of our purses and make-up bags for almost eighteen months!

Do you have any other ideas to add to our list of 5 reasons to ditch your lipstick? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Stay safe and keep your lips looking fabulous.

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