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5 Reasons to Ditch Your Mascara

5 Reasons to Ditch Your Mascara

by Elyse V

I have a sordid and tragic history with mascara. As such, I have learned to quickly assess if any mascara is worth continuing to use. It’s a process and, today, I’m sharing this process with my 5 reasons to ditch your mascara.

I love mascara, and I wear it every day, but I have to be super selective about the brands I use. I’ve had too many issues with too many different brands because I have super sensitive eyes. Hence, the sordid and tragic history.

I can’t help but tread very carefully when trying a new mascara. Same goes for eye cream. I know to look out for the 4 signs you are sensitive to your eye cream, due to the same reasons. In fact, when I used to get my makeup done at department store counters, I would bring my Clinique mascara regardless of the counter I was at. I wouldn’t let them put their mascara on me to avoid the chance of having a reaction. I don’t play around when it comes to my eyes.

In the past, we’ve shared 8 reasons to ditch your eyeshadow, 5 reasons to ditch your lipstick, and even 5 tips to assessing new beauty products. There are a variety of reasons a product doesn’t work for you and mascara is no different. Cost isn’t really a factor either, as both expensive and inexpensive mascaras can be amazing or devastatingly awful. So don’t let cost cloud your judgment or lull you into a false sense of security about the quality of a product.

5 Reasons to Ditch Your Mascara

1. The Mascara Causes Irritation: This is an easy one. If your mascara makes your eyes itchy, red, watery, and/or swell do not use this mascara again. I speak from experience. Do not do this, as it only ever ends with eye drops, cold compresses, and, sometimes, a trip to the eye doctor.

2. The Mascara is Dry: Mascara has the shortest shelf life of any beauty product, meaning you should only use your mascara for 2 to 3 months. Therefore, if you are within that 2-to-3-month window, and your mascara is dry – throw it away. When your mascara is too dry, you tend to have to layer many coats of it on to look like you are wearing any mascara at all. This can cause spidery, clumpy lashes – and no one wants that.

3. The Mascara Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype: Many mascaras sell us a bill of goods when they tell us that they define your lashes length and volume etc. If your mascara really doesn’t give you the look you were promised, move on. Save that mascara for running errands. Don’t wear it when you really need to look and feel your best, because obviously, that’s just not the brand for you. Don’t buy it again. This could even happen with different mascaras within the same line. A mascara being quite clumpy, would fall under this category.

4. The Mascara Wand: There are so many different types of mascaras and while the formulation is important, so is the applicator wand. There are so many different applicator wands and it really does come down to personal choice. When choosing a mascara, pick a wand that feels good in your hand and gives you the look desire, before buying the mascara. The wand is a really important factor as to whether or not you’ll like the mascara, and how it applies. Remember, you could keep the (well cleaned and disinfected) wand you like, to try it with another mascara formulation.

5. The Mascara Causes Fall: Fall doesn’t just happen with mascara. If you’ve ever had a mascara where it just seems to flake off your eyelashes and ends up on your cheek after a few hours or sooner- that is mascara fall. It is also a sign that you need to move on from that mascara because no one wants to have to worry about cleaning up their makeup while on the go. After all, this indicates that the product just isn’t working.

Tip: Before applying any mascara, warm the tube with body heat. Put it under your arm, or rub it in your hands, even put it in your bra for a few minutes. Your body heat will warm your mascara, and it will go on much better. 

I hope these 5 reasons why you should ditch your mascara, help you quickly assess which mascaras work for you and which don’t. Sometimes with beauty products, we get into a rut because we like a product, but don’t realize it doesn’t really work for us. That is when you need to try something new. A great way to try a new mascara is through a sample. It can be a gift with purchase, or you can trade in some Sephora points to get a feel for another brand of mascara. The mascara that ups your makeup game might just be right around the corner.

So do you agree with our 5 reasons why you should ditch your mascara? Do you have any other reasons to add to the list? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Remember to take time for yourself and do whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident.

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