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5 tips to assessing a new beauty product. Thanks to GLOBENCER for making this photo available on Unsplash

5 Tips To Assessing A New Beauty Product

by Elyse V

Recently, I’ve been trying to cycle through a lot of the travel bottles and samples that I’ve accumulated by way of add-ons to gift sets, and samples. We all love that Sephora and other large department stores, let’s us pick from a few free samples with our purchases, or offer add-ons. But that begs the question, can you tell if you like a product from a sample? The answer is both yes and no. With that in mind, we’re sharing 5 tips to assessing a new beauty product.

These tips can be used for assessing any product really, full size or sample. Before you buy a new product, do ask for a sample (if possible), to see if you like the product. Also, always check on the return policy of the retailer you are buying from, as they really vary. Products are expensive and you don’t want to waste your hard earned cash on something that doesn’t work for you and yo uare forced to keep.

5 Tips To Assessing A New Beauty Product:

1) Do You Like The Scent?

Not all products have a scent, but some do. If you hate the smell of a product, you will not use it. If you are able to get a sample, this is one way to assess if you like a product, before buying the full-size version.

2) What Is The Texture Like?

This is especially true of skincare products and some makeup like creams, serums, moisturizers, foundations, and/or lipsticks (just a few examples). If they don’t go on well, you know that you’ll be less likely to use that product. If something is too oily or doesn’t glide on or blend in well, then it’s not worth incorporating into your routine.

3) Do You Like The Colour?

This applies mostly to foundations, but is applicable for any makeup product. Foundation samples tend to give you a few shades, but you can rule out if that particular colour works well for you. If the colour doesn’t match your skin tone, but you like the formula, you know you can look at the range of colours and have a better idea of what will work. So, if the colour was too yellow or too pink, too light, or too dark you now know how to move along the colours they offer for a better match. The same is for your full-size product, because you can exchange the foundation for a different shade, if you like the product or just return it for another brand.

4) Does It Cause Irritation?

In our blog, 4 Ways to Tell If You’re Sensitive to Your Eye Cream, we went over how to tell if a product isn’t for you. Not always, but often if you are going to react to a product, a sample is just enough to let you know. I recently had a bad reaction to a sample of an eye cream I used over 2 days (three applications) and now I know I have a brand of eye cream to avoid, as it caused a lot of irritation, puffiness, and watering eyes. The same can be said for a regular size product, because after one or two applications you can tell if you’re going to react.

5) Does It Work?

This is a tricky question as serums or creams need more than a few applications. However, for a hair mask, lipstick, or foundation you should be be able to tell, much sooner. For something that takes longer to see results, decide if you are okay with questions 1-4, then you should probably give the product a try.

So, can you tell if you like a product from a sample? Yes, you can get enough of a sense of a product to know if you want to buy the full-size equivalent. Will it become a favourite product of yours – like the ones we share in our Beauty Favourites series – is TBD but you will like it enough to give it a real try.

Do you have any other suggestions to add to our 5 tips to assessing new beauty products? Do you try samples first? Did these tips help you decide to either buy or return a product? Leave us a comment below, as we love to read your feedback!

So now it’s time to treat yourself, relax, and practice a little self-care.

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