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6 Tips For Supporting The Gluten-Free Person In Your Life

6 Tips For Supporting The Gluten-Free Person In Your Life

by Elyse V

Food is the centre of social events, like holidays, birthdays, vacations, gatherings, nights out etc… For those who are gluten-free, these situations can be challenging. It can be tricky to navigate, but having understanding family members, friends, and coworkers, supporting you, makes it all the easier. Here are 6 helpful tips for supporting the gluten-free person in your life.

What seldom gets the attention it deserves, is the anxiety that being gluten-free can create in social settings. Many people express their love through food whether it is making it, sharing it, or buying it, and those who are gluten-free don’t want to have to rebuff these kind gestures, or opportunities to make memories. These tips for supporting the gluten-free person in your life, can show them how much they mean to you. Not to mention using these tips can help make their life easier.

6 Tips For Supporting The Gluten-Free Person In Your Life

Tip 1: Educate yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

You don’t want to put all the onus on the gluten-free person to educate you. Taking some initiative and reading this great gluten-free guide for beginners is a perfect place to start; so that you can understand the basics. If you have any other questions about their specific restrictions, how they feel about those restrictions, or how they are dealing with being gluten-free, don’t be afraid to ask. They will be thrilled you are taking an interest, and that they don’t have to explain every little thing.

Tip 2: Show patience

When planning an event, gathering, or outing you may be peppered with many questions about the itinerary and menu so that the gluten-free person can be prepared. While many restaurants do have something gluten-free to offer, it is not a certainty that they will. It’s so easy if you are able to check a website, allergen menu, or call ahead to ensure that they can dine safely.  This can be trying if you are coordinating many people. No one is doing this to be resistant to plans, or to be overbearing, they are just trying to be able to enjoy the outing with you- overall they are trying to make it easier so they can socialize with you more in future, and they won’t have to ask so many questions. You may want to read these tips to help you plan any event.
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The gluten-free person will be very appreciative if there is even just one solid choice you took the time to source for them.

Tip 3: Buy products labelled certified gluten-free.

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity, and it is safest if you are buying crackers, bread, pasta, cake etc… to buy products that are certified gluten-free. This means that you don’t have to guess about the safety of what you are serving. 

Tip 4: No one will ever appreciate a really good baked bread product gift more

If you take the time to source a great gluten-free bakery and buy bread, bagels, buns etc… and give that as a birthday gift, it is always very appreciated. Not only have you taken the time to find them something special, but these are also some of the most requested items. Trying something new that they didn’t have to source out themselves, is very appreciated.

Tip 5: If purchasing a food gift card to a restaurant, bakery, or grocery store make sure they have a decent gluten-free selection of goods.

Some stores are not known for their gluten-free selections and others have great ones. A quick google search to make sure there are options they can safely enjoy is paramount when giving a food gift card. If you are the type to add candy or chocolate to a gift check out the ultimate gluten-free candy and the ultimate gluten-free chocolate guides so you are making safe and fun choices.

Tip 6: If the office celebrates birthdays with a cake, have an allergy list

Unless you have a designated cake team that handles office birthdays, have a list of allergies so everyone can join in the fun without having to explain their dietary issues at every birthday. 

Bonus:  If there are multiple birthdays within the same month purchase frozen gluten-free cupcakes from the grocery store and store them in the office freezer.  Take out as many as needed for each birthday, so that no one feels left out.

Supporting the Gluten-free person in your life means more to them than you will know. Yes, the gluten-free product market has exploded in recent years, and gluten-free products are now found in most local grocery stores and franchise restaurants. So, while it has become more mainstream, having people around you who understand, and can help you navigate your dietary needs is very much appreciated. 

Do you have any questions about supporting the gluten-free person in your life? 

To the gluten-free, have you had difficulties explaining your way around a social situation?

Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from our readers and being about to share our knowledge.

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