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Indoor Fall Staycation Ideas

7 Indoor Fall Staycation Ideas to Keep you Entertained

by Elyse V

At this point in our collective Covid experience, we have learned to be quite resourceful at home. Now that we are in this transitional phase of the pandemic, we are still proceeding with caution (thanks anti-vaxxers). Covid-fatigue is real and I think everyone is feeling like they could use a little vacation. If traditional travel is out of reach or still a bridge too far for you, there are outdoor fall staycation ideas (or holistays) you can enjoy close to home. Or – if the weather isn’t cooperating – you can use these 7 indoor fall staycation ideas to plan a little fun and adventure without venturing to far from home. 

Indoor Fall Staycation Ideas

1. Holiday Craft-ella Festival. Think Coachella but crafting.

Plan time with family members and/or friends for a little creativity and get a jump on the holidays at the same time. Decide what crafts you want to make, get the material(s) you need to create them, and send the evites out. You can make an agenda so that enough time is allotted to crafting, but time is also taken for meals/snacks and breaks. You can throw a little karaoke, dancing, movie-watching, games, or whatever into the mix. If you are looking for ideas, a quick Pinterest search for holiday crafts, will leave you blown away with ideas. Oh, and don’t forget a little playlist to keep the energy up and the positive vibes flowing. Below is a little good vibes playlist to get you started.

2. Take a trip at home.

You can create a travel themed weekend at home. Decide on the location(s) and then get to work researching the food, music, dance, the décor, traditions, and common activities. You can pick a series of locations so don’t feel like it can only be one destination. It’s a chance to discover and immerse yourself in a new culture. Look for traditional recipes to make – including street foods – because it’s all about the food when it comes to vacations.

Or you can go in an entirely different direction and travel to a spa. You can plan home treatments like facials, facial hair removal, body hair removal, or other pampering ideas. Just a weekend of a whole lot of self-care, and good food. A little wine never hurt either. Oh and don’t forget the chocolate mints to put on your pillow every day during turndown service 😉

3. Gourmet Dinner Potluck(s).

Gather a small group of your favourite foodees and plan a series of gourmet potluck dinners where everybody brings one dish to contribute to the meal. You can plan a theme and create a wine or cocktail list for everyone to contribute to as well. Then just create a playlist that fits the theme. You can also plan to play a few games, do a little karaoke, and/or have a bit of a dance that are all inkeeping with the theme of the night. It’s all about creating a series of unique nights with your favourite foodees and making memories.  

4. Family or Adult-Only Game Night.

I believe in keeping it old school and planning a night around board games. Cards Against Humanity is a great game to play with a group of people and they even have family-friendly boxes now. Other great options are Taboo, Scattergories, Charades, or card games like poker or euchre. Set up a self-serve bar and have a snack table for grazing and that’s it.

5. Movie Marathon Weekend.

Invite your favourite cinephiles for a movie marathon weekend. You can create a movie list with scheduled viewing times. Make or buy snacks and plan meals and in-between activities. Dress code: only the comfiest of clothes or PJ’s. You can create rating cards for each film and have everyone rate each movie and discuss your reviews after the movie. If you are super-adventurous, you can even write your own mini-script together and film it with your iPhone using your guests as the stars. Just make sure you have lots of snacks, and refreshments (even the adult variety) to keep the talent happy 😊

6. Indoor Water Park Day.

Find an indoor water park in your surrounding area and plan to spend the day there. Research other activities offered at the park and in the local area. Pack your bathing suites, a few towels and a change of clothing (just in case) and make a day of it. It is common for indoor parks to be located in a tourist area, so check our local art galleries or other special attractions. It’s like being a tourist within driving distance from your home and you can stay indoors. Heck, you can even plan to spend the night or a weekend at a local hotel or cabin and take advantage of off-season rates.

7. Mini Local Hotel or Chalet Getaway.

Hotels and chalets will sometimes have special rates or discounts once the summer has ended to encourage guests. You can either pick a hotel for its poshness, spa services, 5-star dining, indoor pool/facilities, or any combination of those features. Or you can look for a chalet that’s outfitted with all the conveniences, by the water, or one that has a hot tub and/or fire pit which are perfect for chilly autumn nights. Check out what’s available in your area and take advantage of lower rates to be a tourist in your city.

Instead of feeling restricted from not being able to travel, look around and see what fun and adventures you can find all around you with the people you love most. You’ll feel refreshed and energized without any jet lag.

Bon Stayage!

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