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7 of the Best Back to School Apps to Make School Easier

7 of the Best Back to School Apps to Make School Easier

by Elyse V

Getting back into the groove of things after the summer is difficult in the best of times. Doing it while living through changing phases of a deadly pandemic, can make it feel near impossible. There are a number of apps to keep everyone’s calendar and tasks/tests organised, but sometimes more is needed to help with school workload and staying focused. With that in mind, we’ve collected 7 of the best back-to-school apps to make your school year easier by (hopefully) helping to fill in the gaps.

These apps aim to help you with your homework, an assignment, studying, keeping your spirits up, calming your mind, and keeping you safe.

7 of the Best Back to School Apps to Make Your School Year Easier

1. Dictionary.com

This may seem like a simple one, but dictionary.com is a free dictionary app that provides over 2 million definitions and synonyms with pronunciations. It allows you to save your favourite words and provides you with a word of the day to help you improve your vocabulary. Plus, you can access it on your mobile device even if you don’t have connectivity.

2. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is a proofreading tool named after the famous author Ernest Hemingway to help writers produce simple, clear content by identifying errors and areas of improvement. You just paste or write text directly into the free online editing service and then click edit. You will then be presented with colour-coded feedback. Based on the colour, you’ll be alerted to errors in the content and suggestions on how to improve the quality. It’s so easy to use and no account or sign-up is required.

3. gFlash – UPDATE: NO LONGER ACTIVE 03/31/22

gFlash is an awesome study aid as it’s been “long recognized as the best flashcard app on the market, gFlash offers users a robust platform for creating, downloading, and manipulating flashcards in every subject under the sun.” Connectivity is required for downloading new cardsets, and viewing flashcards with videos but, once downloaded, they can be viewed at any time.

4. Brainly

Brainly is the world’s largest social learning community App with 250+ million students studying with Brainly every month. It’s like having access to a massive study group 24/7. You simply type or post an image of your homework or question and, within minutes, you should receive a response. Plus, all answers are verified by an expert. You can also search through their large category of questions and responses. And it’s free. I wish this was around when I was in school.

5. Spotify

At this point most people have Spotify, but it’s still worth mentioning because the free version gives you access to all songs and allows you to create as many playlists as you want. They say music can soothe the soul and it can also help you get in a better headspace. You can create a series of playlists specifically to help you get into the desired “school” mode. For example, you can create a playlist for when you need to get your energy up, or calm yourself, or shake off a particularly crappy day, or when you just want to get into a happier place. We created a back-to-school playlist to get you ready to jump into the new school year and smash it 😊

6. Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

Sleep deprivation and anxiety are very real concerns for students especially when they are juggling classes with assignments/homework, jobs, and personal obligations. Rather than shoulder that burden on their own, Headspace can help. Headspace is an all-in-one mindfulness app helping users learn “how to be fully present and engaged in the moment.” Headspace does this by teaching you how to best manage stress and everyday anxieties. It also helps by offering guided meditations aimed to improve overall health and happiness and teaches us how to create the best conditions for a more restful night’s sleep. The free version is limited but still provides great support options.

7. Noonlight

Have you ever been in a place or situation where you felt unsure of your safety and didn’t’ know what to do? Rather than stress about making the right decision, use Noonlight. Noonlight is the #1 safety app that “uses advanced technology to get emergency help to your exact location with just the release of a button. It can be used in moments where you simply feel unsafe, as well as moments where you need immediate emergency help.” There are free and paid tiers but the free services will keep you covered. Noonlight’s mission is to “protect and comfort you so you can live freely.” I’m not sure there is anything more to add. That says it all.

Have you tried any of these apps? What other apps do you think will help students? Please share your experience and suggestions in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. Good luck this year – you got this.

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

Marty McFly, Back to the Future

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