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7 Tips For Dying Hair At Home to look your best

7 Tips For Dyeing Hair At Home To Help You Look Your Best

by Elyse V

Pre-Covid, I loved frequenting the hairdresser. In fact, I had only applied a box dye at home once before the pandemic (it was eighth grade, cut me some slack.) However, Covid changed things and made us more resourceful. I acquired new skills and one of them was dyeing my own hair at home. It’s come in handy during the many lockdowns and today I’m sharing 7 tips for dyeing hair at home so you can do it too if you’re ever in a pinch. Or if, like me, you feel it’s still safer to limit outings to only what’s absolutely necessary given the ever-changing mandates, vaccine passports, and everything else (for the record, I’m fully vaccinated and always masked in public).

Now, I have tried two different kinds of hair dye at home, and there are pros and cons to both:

1. Traditional box dye.

This is the one most available at your local drug store. It comes with all the components in the box and you mix Bottle A into Bottle B, then shake well to combine and apply. Then after you rinse the dye out, you use Bottle C to condition your hair. It also comes with gloves to help keep your hands clean during the dyeing process. Overall, a traditional box dye is easy to use and gives you a decent colour, but I find it can lack a little bit of shine.

2. Professional brand of hair dye

The professional brand I used was called Ice Cream. Now, I also found it at my local drugstore but I’m not sure it’s as widely available as option 1 brands. Professional at-home dyes like these, are more complicated. There is no getting around it. This is because you have to buy componants separately – including the bowl, brush, dye and the Peroxide volume (which requires a bit of know-how to get the measurements and mixing just right). Luckily, there is YouTube to help you figure it out. After my YouTube education, I realized I bought volume 10 when I needed a higher-volume product. Professional hair dyes do provide you with a better shine (and a little more oomph) but you need to make sure you have the tools and knowledge to properly use them.


In short, if you want something foolproof, go with option 1, the traditional box dye. If you’re willing to take a little more time to research to learn (and take a bit of risk) for a slightly better result, try option 2, the professional dye.

Please note: I’m not mentioning bleaching because I would never bleach my hair at home, under any circumstances. I have fine hair and I’m not messing with that. My hair is already a lighter blonde colour, so I’m just basically depositing different shades of blonde on it, to add depth and keep my roots controlled.

During my YouTube education, the video that was the biggest help was from Brad Mondo. This video gives you more information than you need. Along with him explaining colour theory, he also highlights the basics and explains what volume colour you need. Brad is a hairdresser that we love to watch and was one of our favourite beauty YouTubers to learn from. This was probably my all-time favourite video of his because it was so informative. Additionally, I apply what I learned from it all the time. You can watch the video below:

7 Tips For Dyeing Hair At Home To Help You Look Your Best

1) Get A Buddy If You Can:

I have very long hair (again thanks, Covid) and would find it very difficult if I had to dye my hair on my own. So, I get my mom to help me and I help her, with her hair. If you do not have this option, that’s it is fine. If you are doing it one your own, the next steps are just going to be more important to you.

2) Sectioning:

Sectioning is very important to applying any hair dye. Working in small sections allows you to control the application. This will ensure you do not miss chunks of hair or have a spotty outcome. You will get an even application, even if you cannot see the back of your own head easily, if you work in small sections. So, gather what you have to section your hair. You can use any clips you may have, barrettes, bobby pins, or hair ties and start sectioning those layers.

3) Know The Difference Between An All-Over Colour Application And A Root Touchup:

Staying with a similar hair colour? Have a lot of growth that shows your roots and/or grey hair? You need a root touchup application. To do this, start by applying the dye to your roots and leaving it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Next, apply the dye to the rest of the hair and leave it on for 10 minutes (according to the package instructions). If you aren’t battling roots/greys, you may want an all-over colour application. With this application, you want to start painting lower on the hair and then the root last. In the end, it really depends on what look you are trying to achieve- no matter which you use, sectioning is key.

4) Work From The Bottom Up:

This doesn’t mean you have to start at the nape of your neck. What it means is when you start a section, even if it’s the one right in front of your face, you start with the lowest layer of hair in that section. That way you’re always laying hair on top of itself. This allows you to get an even application, and know what hair you have coloured.

5) Processing Times Matter:

You might look at a box dye and think, “oh I’d like it a little lighter” and decide to not leave the colour on for the full amount of time. Do not do that! This will not get you the results (or close to the results) on the back of the box. Now, what your colour will look like always depends on the hair colour you start with – that’s why they always show you three colours. One is lighter, one medium, and one darker and then where your hair should end up, when you apply that colour. So, before you buy your colour, figure out where you are on their colour spectrum. Pick a colour closest to what you like, but don’t cut down on the processing time. Please, follow the instructions. This is also true when using a professional hair dye as this will get you the best results possible.

6) Hair Dyeing Brush:

If you can get a brush for hair dyeing and a bowl, things work better. I am not great with the applicator bottle that comes with boxed dyes. I find it just dispenses too much product at a time, and I can’t control it well. I prefer to mix the colour in the bottle (as per the instructions) and then squirt it into a plastic (never a metal) bowl. By using a hair-dyeing brush, I feel I get a more even colour application. You can even find inexpensive sets of bowls and brushes online. Having a plastic bowl and hair-dyeing brush is necessary when using professional dyes, in particular, as they don’t come with any applicator.

7) Have Hair-Dyeing Towels/Outfit:

You do not want to get hair dye all over your good towels, so find an older towel (or two) and make them designated hair dyeing towels. If you use two, you can have one to wrap around your neck and one to wipe off any dye that drips past your hairline, behind your ears, on your ears, or even on the floor. When it comes to a hair-dyeing outfit, I have an old bath towel wrap that I use solely for hair dyeing. I don’t care what drips on it, plus it’s easy to take on and off. Also, I wear it when I’m dyeing my mom’s hair; that way I don’t care if I get dye on my clothes, because we don’t want to ruin nice things with hair dye. An old t-shirt or robe works just as well.

Bonus: Given how many more people are dyeing their hair at home, you can buy complete kits, that come with a brush, bowl, cape, and apron easily online.

Dyeing your hair at home can be a fun, inexpensive, and safe way to make yourself look and feel better. Taking the time to dye your hair is a form of self-care. Self-care is important, and there are many small ways to practise self-care every day if even for 10 minutes. It’s all about making yourself a priority and treating yourself well, every day.

Here’s hoping our 7 tips for dyeing hair at home, help you look flawless and makes the hair-dyeing process easier for you.

What do you think of these 7 tips for dyeing hair at home? Do you have any tips you’d like to share with us? Leave us a comment below and let us know so we can all get better.

Stay fabulous and be sure to schedule time to pamper yourself – you so deserve it!

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