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Update Your Makeup For Spring. Thanks for the background photo to J Lee @babybluecat for making this photo available freely on Unsplash

7 Tips To Help Update Your Makeup For Spring

by Elyse V

Spring is finally coming into bloom, and that means changing up or tweaking your makeup routine from the winter months. Given that vaccines are being rolled out and we’ll be spending more time outside – masked and safe- now is the time to get ready for spring by evaluating your makeup. To help with that, we’re sharing 7 tips to help you update your makeup for spring.

Taking time for yourself by tweaking your routine, adding a new product, or using a product you pushed aside for the winter is a form of self-care. Remember, taking a little time for yourself, amidst the shambolic lifestyle that we find ourselves in, is all a part of our new “be kinder to ourselves” New Year’s Resolution for 2021.

When reevaluating your makeup routine with each season, remember to take into account what works for you colour-wise, and what still works for your skin. We shared makeup tips for mature skin that will help to keep your skin glowing at any age that might help with deciding.

7 Tips To Help Update Your Makeup For Spring

1) Throw away expired or old products:

Change of season is a great reason to toss out old, and/or expired products. You can see the number of months a product is good for once it was opened on the bottom of the packaging. If the product has an odd smell or if it has separated are generally indications that you should trash it, even if you don’t remember when it was opened.

2) Sunscreen:

Seeing as you’ll be getting more sun, you need to add sunscreen to your morning routine. If you have sensitive skin like me, ensure you either buy a sunscreen specifically for your face and/or a CC/BB cream with SPF.

3) Lighten your foundation:

In the winter, we all tend to be more pale and want fuller coverage foundation. In the spring and summer, you want your foundation to be a little darker; as you’ll probably get some sun and you want your face makeup to match your neck/the rest of your skin as best you can. Also, a shearer foundation is always good in the warmer months to let your skin breath. A great way to achieve this is to use a CC cream like IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC cream. Note, if you think your CC cream is a little too dark or sheer add a drop of your regular foundation to it, and mix together before applying. If you feel it’s too heavy, add a bit of moisturizer to it.

4) Bright lip:

Bright pinks and corals are always on trend for spring-I know I love them. If you aren’t someone who loves these colours, but loved a deep red or plum-consider putting a bright gloss over your favourite lip colour. Mixing lipstick is my jam because it’s helps me get the perfect to shade. It is also a great way to wear your your fall/winter colours without looking out of season.

5) Dewy skin:

When we transition seasons you will want to use more creams than powders- to get a dewy fresh look. Highlighters, of all kinds, are a must to help give that supple heathy glow. You can use them as eyeshadow as part of a “no make up look” or to make your cheekbones or collar bones pop. You can read about the best highlighters here to help you find one if you’re on the market.

6) Statement liners are a big tend this year:

Be bold and try a colour liner or just put your standard black or brown liner. Also, defusing your liner and going a little more smoky and soft is very spring 2021.

7) Brighten your blush:

Don’t be afraid of a bright colour you can always build the colour up or blend it out if it’s too much. Brightening up your blush with a brighter coral or pink, will make you look youthful and vibrant. Creating that perfect flush is part of mastering your spring makeup look.

So have some fun, shake up your routine, and toss out the old products. These 7 tips to help you update your makeup for spring will have you ready for whatever the season is brings.

Have you tried these tips? Are there any other tips we should try to incorporate when changing up our makeup with the seasons? Leave us a comment below and let us know. 

Take a little time to pamper yourself. 

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