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7 Ways to Get Ready For The Outlander Premiere

7 Ways to Get Ready For The Outlander Premiere

Droughtlander is almost over!

by Elyse V

Many of you might be wondering what a droughtlander is, and no, it is not a new kind of climate issue. Droughtlander is the term that fans of the TV show (and book series) Outlander use to describe the time between seasons/books. Well, the waiting is almost over. Outlander season 6 is premiering this Sunday, March 6, 2022 and we are sharing 7 ways to get ready for the Outlander Premier.

According to IMDB, Outlander is about “An English combat nurse from 1945 is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743.” Season 6 of Outlander will reunite us with time-traveller Claire and her Highlander husband Jamie; as they establish their home in colonial America with the political unrest of the upcoming Revolutionary War looming over them. While I can’t wait to get back to their Fraser’s Ridge homestead and the entire extended Frasier-Mackenzie Clan…here are some tips to tide you over in the homestretch of our droughtlander until the premiere.

7 Ways to Get Ready For The Outlander Premiere

1) Watch the season 6 red carpet: See the stars out of their period dress walking the red carpet and talking about the upcoming season.

2) Follow/check out the official Outlander Starz Instagram page: You’ll see clips, behind-the-scenes content and more Outlander-themed fun on their Instagram page.

3) Join an Outlander group (or more) on Facebook: Joining these communities gives you a place to discuss the last season, share memes, jokes, and your latest obsession with like-minded people. Throughout the season you have people to discuss the show with if those in your life aren’t into Outlander (and they should be). One group I like is Outlander Series Books & TV or Outlander Universe.

4) Bingewatch Outlander season 5: With only twelve one-hour episodes- it is very doable to watch Season 5 before the premiere of Season 6.

5) Make an Outlander-themed meal: You can visit the Outlander Kitchen to find an array of recipes inspired by the show. Or you can take the idea of cheeses, bread, and fruit from Claire and Jamie’s Season One wedding and make a fancy charcuterie board to snack on before or during the show.

6) Try THE SASSENACH Whisky: Sam took a page from his fictional character, Jamie Fraser and launched his own whisky THE SASSENACH Whiskyinspired by picturesque Highland landscapes. Expect waves of butterscotch, fresh citrus and warming spices from this tasty blended Scotch whisky.”  If you are of legal drinking age and in the United States, United Kingdom, or Europe, you can find where to get a bottle on their website. If you live elsewhere you can find another Whisky like a McClelland’s Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

7) Shop for some Outlander merch: You can check out the official Outlander store, or find great Outlander items on Amazon or Etsy. Depending on ordering times you could be enjoying your Outlander merch by episode 2. However, shopping for cute merchandise is a great way to get into the mood for season 6.

These 7 ways to get ready for the Outlander Premiere will help tide you over as we countdown to March 6th. These tips will get you ready for all the excitement, romance, drama and history of Outlander. It is a show that truly has it all and I can’t wait to watch Season 6.

Are you an Outlander fan? Will you be using any of these 7 ideas to get ready for the Outlander premiere? How will you celebrate the premiere? Isn’t it wonderful to have such an enjoyable and history-rich show, like Outlander, to lose ourselves in? Drop us a comment below, as we love hearing from our readers.

Slàinte Mhath! (A toast to good health)

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