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7 Ways To Remove Body Hair At Home. Thanks to Amira Aboalnaga for making this photo available on Unsplash

7 Ways To Remove Body Hair At Home

by Elyse V

We’re all getting ready for a return to a kind-of-sort-of “normal” summer and for many getting rid of unwanted body hair on your arms, legs, and bikini line is now a top priority. Well, we got you covered with these 7 ways to remove body hair at home.

Now, removing hair is very personal. You may already know what methods work for you, in terms of results and comfort level, for each specific area. If that is you, it can’t hurt to read about all your options here to be sure. If you are still finding your preferred method(s), then these 7 ways to remove body hair at home, will help. Keep in mind, you can use a variety of methods depending on the area so do whatever is most comfortable for you. There is no need to feel you have to shave your legs, underarms, arms, or anywhere else… unless that is what you want.

7 Ways To Remove Body Hair At Home:

Hair Removal Cream:

Hair removal creams, like Nair, are easy to use, as you simply slather it on, leave it for the allotted time, and then wipe off. The downside is often that distinctive harsh smell of depilatory creams. Let’s not forget they can sting or burn, which isn’t always great on super sensitive skin. However, they are perfectly safe if you follow the instructions and do a patch test first to be sure you won’t have a bad reaction.

no!no! Hair Removal Device:

We covered this product in our at home facial hair removal guide. The no!no! is a very popular item that many people love and use religiously. This was not my experience. I personally only got patchy hair removal at best, if it removed anything at all. Now, the no!no! is very expensive (compared to other methods), but it is a one time only fee with no expensive refills and can be used on you face and body. Therefore, if it works for you, it really cuts down on the number of products you need. The company explains how it works by saying it is “gentle heat which glides over the skin removing stubble from the surface, while simultaneously treating the hair for long-lasting results.” You should be aware that when hair is removed by this type of product, there is a very strong smell of burning hair accompanying it.

Wax Strips:
You can get at home body wax strips easily online, or at any drugstore-no need to book a waxing appointment. These strips are fast and relatively easy to use. The downside, of course, is the pain of waxing. However, the more you wax, the more you get used to the pain and the less it bothers you. Also, the hair tends to grow in slower the more you wax and therefore you may need to wax less often. The upside of wax strips is how smooth your skin is afterwards, as they pull out all the hair. You may have to deal with some irritation when you wax. And of course pulling off a wax strip yourself takes a little bracing… it is worse than pulling off a pore strip, and those can be tough to yank off.

Schick Intuition Women’s Razor:

The Schick Intuition razor is an all-in-one product, as you don’t need to buy shaving cream/soap/body wash. It allows for a close shave with very little mess. This is also optimal for travel, as it is only one product that you need to bring with you. The handle is ergonomic, so it is easy to use. The blades give you a great close shave, this is perfect for using on any body party. The only downside I’ve encountered for this product, is that it’s a little boxy, and hard to use in some areas.

Traditional Razor:

A traditional multi-blade razor is great, the downside is having to use shaving cream or foam. I find that shaving cream can be messy, and if you use too much you won’t get an even and close shave. This is where those small bottles of hotel conditioners come in handy, as they help the razor glide across your skin. Or even conditioners, that you no longer like or use. The upside is that the razor is light and much easier to manoeuvre.

Electric Razor:

Why are there three razors on the list? Because they are all incredibly different. While traditional razors can cause ingrown hairs, cuts, and irritation-electric razors don’t really do that. They cut the hair, but don’t get close to the skin. This is great for people with sensitive skin.


These trimmers are a thinner version of an electric razor, they are ideal for trimming narrow areas, like along your bikini line. Most trimmers can either remove hair completely, or with the addition of a guide that comes with it, the trimmer can simply shorten hair. Trimmers are smaller and more precise than electric razors, which makes them ideal for bikini line trimming, but may be difficult to use, to do your entire leg.

No matter what your summer has in store, taking care of yourself by doing a little extra grooming can be an act of self-care. If removing unwanted hair makes you feel better- go for it. If not, leave it. Remember being kind to ourselves is all a part of our kinder, and gentler New Year’s resolution. Just because it’s June, doesn’t mean we aren’t still trying to be the best versions of ourselves, that we set out to be, in January. These 7 ways to remove body hair at home will have you ready for whatever your summer brings!

Which method do you use to remove body hair? Any tips or hacks that you’ve discovered? Were there any options we left off the list? Please leave us a comment below and let us know. Sharing is caring!

Stay safe, practice a little self-care, and find humour throughout your day!

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