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TV Shows and Movies to binge on Canada Day

70 TV Shows and Movies to Binge on Canada Day

by Elyse V

It’s time to celebrate Canada Day and boy are we ready for it (while abiding by Covid restrictions, of course). Summer is here and we can take a moment to celebrate living in one of the greatest countries on the globe. If we were American, we’d say THE greatest country but we’re too polite to brag. Sorry.

O Canada! Our home and native land. True patriot love in all of us command.

Calixa Lavallée, composer of the Canadian National Anthem

If you are all vaccinated, you can safely gather with your nearest and dearest outdoors and enjoy a BBQ or picnic together. Or you can grab a beer, break open the ketchup chips and have a good old fashioned Canadian Content bingefest. You can do this indoors (as a small group) or outdoors (as a larger group) using a projector and white sheet (for the screen) or you can hook up a large screen TV outside. Whatever your viewing preference, you are sure to find a great choice on this list of 70 TV shows and movies to binge on Canada Day. It has something for everyone and every mood/genre.

Summaries courtesy of IMDB. Click name of production to go to IMDB page.

1. Baroness von Sketch Show. This show, a sketch comedy, has a decidedly female bent. It is written by a primarily female staff, and performed by an all female primary cast (with both female and male supporting players). They tackle a variety of subjects, most dealing with current cultural topics of everyday life, but from a female perspective. Unlike most sketch comedy shows of the day, the sketches in this show are rapid fire in that they are relatively short – none lasting more than approximately five minutes, with most being in the one to two minute range – and are filmed largely on location, rather than on a sound stage or in a studio in front a live audience.

2. Burden of Truth. Big city lawyer Joanna Hanley returns to her hometown to take the case of a group of girls suffering from a mysterious illness.

3. Canada’s Drag Race. 12 drag queens compete to become Canada’s Next Drag Superstar through challenges demonstrating their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.

4. Carter. An actor returns home after a public meltdown. Partnering with his police detective friend, he tries to use his acting experience to solve real crimes.

5. Corner Gas. The life, or lack thereof, of a proprietor of a gas station, which is the only stop for miles around and a hub of action on the Prairies.

6. Dan for Mayor. A man named Dan who doesn’t know anything about politics decides to run for mayor of his city; Shenanigans ensue.

7. Degrassi High. The lives and trials of students of a city high school. Degrassi: The Next Generation. The lives of the kids at Degrassi Community School dealing with the serious and sometimes taboo issues that plague teenagers.

8. Due South. The adventures of an impossibly upright Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable and his American colleagues in the city of Chicago.

9. Frontier. Follows Declan Harp, a half-Irish/half Cree Native-Canadian outlaw who is campaigning to breach the Hudson’s Bay Company’s monopoly on the fur trade in Canada.

10. Heartland. A multi-generational saga set in Alberta, Canada and centered on a family getting through life together in both happy and trying times.

11. Hudson and Rex. Detective Charlie Hudson teams up with what he calls his “highly trained law enforcement animal” German Shepherd dog named Rex who he prefers to team up with because he doesn’t talk his ear off.

12. Jann. Jann Arden stars as a fictionalized version herself on a quest for renewed fame.

13. The Kids in the Hall. The Kids in the Hall is a Canadian sketch comedy TV series that aired for five seasons from 1988 to 1995, starring the comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall.

14. Kim’s Convenience. The misadventures of a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store.

15. Letterkenney. Quick-witted, fast-paced snappy comedy about rural folk getting by in a small town.

16. Little Dog. Five years after quitting a match, boxer Tommy “Little Dog” Ross begins a quest for redemption.

17. Little Mosque on the Prairies. A satirical view at a Muslim community living in Mercy, Saskatchewan, Canada

18. Michael Everyday. Michael and David have been seeing each other, professionally, twice a week for 15 years. They’re making progress. Dr. David Storper is a psychiatrist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy. Translation: David and Michael venture out of the office to engage in real-life exercises designed to conquer specific fears. 

19. Mr. D. Follows a teacher juggle through being a teacher and deal with his students while trying to maintain his not so cool lifestyle.

20. Murdoch Mysteries. In the 1890s, William Murdoch uses radical forensic techniques for the time, including fingerprinting and trace evidence, to solve some of the city’s most gruesome murders.

21. Orphan Black. A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.

22. Pure. After discovering that a small but powerful clique within his Old Order Mennonite community are part of an international cocaine smuggling ring, newly appointed pastor Noah Funk must make a decision.

23. Republic of Doyle. Jake Doyle and his father Malachy run a private investigations agency in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Their cases involve them in all sorts of dealings – not all of them on the right side of the law.

24. Road to Avonlea. A young rich girl is sent to live with relatives on Prince Edward Island in the early 1900s.

25. Schitt’s Creek. When rich video-store magnate Johnny Rose and his family suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives to regroup in Schitt’s Creek.

26. SCTV. The staff of Melonville’s TV station put on programming that is unique in its own silly way.

27. Sensitive Skin. Davina (Kim Cattrall) and Al (Don McKellar) try to revamp their lives as they struggle with the uncertainties of middle age.

28. Slings and Arrows. In the fictional town of New Burbage, legendary theatrical madman Geoffrey Tennant returns to the New Burbage Theatre Festival, the site of his greatest triumph and most humiliating failure, to assume the artistic directorship after the sudden death of his mentor, Oliver Welles. When Geoffrey arrives he finds that Oliver is still there, in spirit anyway, and with his guidance (and often in spite of it) Geoffrey attempts to reconcile with his past while wrestling the festival back from the marketing department. Despite a bitter leading lady, a clueless leading man, and a scheming general manager, he manages to stage a remarkable production of Hamlet — the play that drove him mad.

29. Still Standing. Comedian and actor, Jonny Harris, visits a small town, talks to the inhabitants and then does a stand-up show for them.

30. The Handmaid’s Tale. Set in a dystopian future, a woman is forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship.

31. The Indian Detective. A Toronto police officer investigates a murder while visiting his father in India.

32. Trailer Park Boys. Three petty felons have a documentary made about their life in a trailer park.

33. Workin’ Moms. Four very different thirtysomething working-mother friends try to balance their jobs, family lives, and love lives in modern-day Toronto, Canada.

34. Wynonna Earp. Following Wyatt Earp’s great great-granddaughter as she battles demons and other creatures. With her unique abilities and a posse of dysfunctional allies, she’s the only thing that can bring the paranormal to justice.

35. Young Drunk Punk. Growing up as a punk in Calgary during the 1980s.

1. A Dangerous Method. A look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.

2. Anne of Green Gables. An orphan girl, sent to an elderly brother and sister by mistake, charms her new home and community with her fiery spirit and imagination.

3. Barney’s Version. The picaresque and touching story of the politically incorrect, fully lived life of the impulsive, irascible and fearlessly blunt Barney Panofsky.

4. Black Christmas. During their Christmas break, a group of sorority girls are stalked by a stranger

5. Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Two Canadian detectives, one from Ontario and the other from Quebec, must work together when a murdered victim is found on the Ontario-Quebec border

6. Canadian Bacon. The U.S. President, low in the opinion polls, gets talked into raising his popularity by trying to start a cold war against Canada.

7. Dead Ringers. Twin gynecologists take full advantage of the fact that nobody can tell them apart, until their relationship begins to deteriorate over a woman.

8. Fubar. Headbangers Terry and Dean explore the depths of friendship, and the art and science of drinking beer like a man. Fubar II. Terry and Dean head north to make sweet cash in the oil patch.

9. Goon. Labeled an outcast by his brainy family, a bouncer overcomes long odds to lead a team of under performing misfits to semi-pro hockey glory, beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way. Goon: Last of the Enforcers. A hockey player plagued by injuries is confronted with the possibility of retirement when a tough new player challenges his status as the league’s top enforcer.

10. Hardcore Logo. A group of washed-up Canadian punk rockers get back together for a road trip in memory of a dear friend who was supposedly shot, or so rumors imply. As they travel, they ignore the underlying psychological darkness within each other.

11. Heavy Metal. A glowing green orb – which embodies ultimate evil – terrorizes a young girl with an anthology of bizarre and fantastic stories of dark fantasy, eroticism and horror.

12. Highway 61. A small-town barber goes on a road trip from Thunder Bay to New Orleans with an unpredictable woman and a coffin.

13. I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing. Scatterbrained Polly gets a job as a secretary in Gabrielle’s art gallery. Polly aspires to be a professional photographer, and idolizes Gabrielle for her artistic ability. When Gabrielle rekindles an old romantic relationship with the younger painter Mary, Polly becomes jealous, and discovers Gabrielle is not who she claims to be.

14. Juno. Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, an offbeat young woman makes an unusual decision regarding the unborn child.

15. Last Night. A group of very different individuals with different ideas of how to face the end come together as the world is expected to end in six hours at the turn of the century.

16. Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man. A documentary on the legendary singer-songwriter, with performances by those musicians he has influenced.

17. Long Time Running. After frontman Gord Downie is diagnosed with brain cancer, Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip goes on a cross-country tour that ends with a nationally televised concert.

18. Maudie. An arthritic Nova Scotia woman works as a housekeeper while she hones her skills as an artist and eventually becomes a beloved figure in the community.

19. One Week. Chronicles the motorcycle trip of Ben Tyler as he rides from Toronto to Tofino, British Columbia. Ben stops at landmarks that are both iconic and idiosyncratic on his quest to find meaning in his life.

20. Pontypool. A radio host interprets the possible outbreak of a deadly virus which infects the small Ontario town he is stationed in.

21. Score: A Hockey Musical. A teenage hockey player becomes a national sensation.

22. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. In a magically realistic version of Toronto, a young man must defeat his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes one by one in order to win her heart.

23. Stories We Tell. A film that excavates layers of myth and memory to find the elusive truth at the core of a family of storytellers.

24. Strange Brew. Canada’s most famous hosers, Bob and Doug McKenzie, get jobs at the Elsinore Brewery, only to learn that something is rotten with the state of it.

25. Take This Waltz. A happily married woman falls for the artist who lives across the street.

26. The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. In a bid to gain respect, the neglected younger son of a working class Jewish family in Montréal embarks on a series of get-rich-quick schemes to buy land surrounding a lake.

27. The Trailer Park Boys: The Movie. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles come up with a scheme to steal large amounts of untraceable coins.

28. The F Word. Wallace, who is burned out from a string of failed relationships, forms an instant bond with Chantry, who lives with her longtime boyfriend. Together, they puzzle out what it means if your best friend is also the love of your life.

29. The Grand Seduction. To survive, a dying Newfoundland fishing village must convince a young doctor to take up residence by any means necessary.

30. The Sweet Hereafter. A bus crash in a small town brings a lawyer to the town to defend the families, but he discovers that everything is not what it seems.

31. The Trotsky. A Montreal high school student who believes he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky starts a revolution against apathy among his fellow students.

32. Tragically Hip: That Night in Toronto. A live concert film featuring Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip, filmed and directed by filmmaking brothers Pierre and Francois Lamoureux. It was recorded November 26, 2004 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during The Hip’s In Between Evolution tour and captures that night’s performance in full with no edits.

33. Videodrome. A programmer at a TV station that specializes in adult entertainment searches for the producers of a dangerous and bizarre broadcast.

34. Vinyl. Alan Zweig investigates the wacky world of record collecting.

35. Yoga Hosers. Two teenage yoga enthusiasts must do battle with an evil presence that is threatening to rise from its underground lair and endanger their major party plans.

Special shout out to the movie Melanie staring Canadian music icon Burton Cummings.

So proud of all this Canadian talent. If you have time in between selections, you can ask each other questions from this great O Canada! Canadian Trivia Quiz.

If you are looking for non-Canadian content to binge, we have put together a summer comedy list and lists of comedies and dramas to watch any time of year.

How will you be celebrating Canada Day? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

However you decide to celebrate our great country on July 1st, take a moment and salute the incredible women and men who worked their asses off and risked their lives to get us through the past 18 months. And those who continue to do the hard work. Thank you and here’s a huge cheers to you all. Peace.

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