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8 reasons to ditch your eyeshadow

8 Reasons To Ditch Your Eyeshadow

by Elyse V

Not all beauty products live up to their hype or meet your expectations. That’s why we’ve been trying to help you clear away products that are not working for you, in a series of blogs on when to give up on your products. Today, we’re sharing 8 reasons to ditch your eyeshadow. We have also written about 5 reasons to ditch your lipstick, 5 tips to assessing new beauty products, and 4 signs you are sensitive to your eye cream.

When you purchase a new single eyeshadow or a palette, check the return policy of the store or website. This is always true, but especially during Covid, since you may not be able to test/see it beforehand. You want to make sure you can get your money back or a store credit in case it doesn’t work out. Also, you could always (if you’ve properly sanitized the product) pass it on to a family member, who may be able to use the product.

8 Reasons To Ditch Your Eyeshadow

1) Excessive “Fall”: “Fall” is when you are applying eyeshadow and it “falls” onto your cheek/face. You can avoid or minimize the “fall” by using a different brush or try patting the eyeshadow on, rather than sweeping it across the lid. You can also place a tissue under your eye when applying to help eliminate “fall”. However, some eyeshadows just have too much “fall” no matter how they are applied. They are just too messy. That’s one of the reasons why we were not fans of the Urban Decay Naked palettes in our review. There’s just too much “fall”. “Fall” makes a mess of your face and who’s got time to do that much clean-up every time you’re putting on your makeup. I know that I don’t!

2) Low Pigment: I like an eyeshadow that remains the same colour when applied as it is in the pan/palette. Yes, you can use a primer underneath or an eyeshadow base, as both can help emphasize the colour and make them bolder. However, sometimes an eyeshadow just doesn’t have strong pigment. There are times that adding more products to help intensify the colour of a product just doesn’t work. Disappointing pigment does happen with some higher-end and middle-priced brands, but I find it’s most often associated with more affordable brands. I’ve never had a Mac eyeshadow not come out the colour it is or very close to it (depending on the colour and your skin tone).

3) Colour: This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes a colour is just not for you. Colours might not work because something is shimmery, versus something that’s frosty, or the actual colour doesn’t compliment your skin tone or your eye colour, when applied. I know, personally, there are certain shades that do not look good on my skin tone, they make me look sallow, or make my eyes seem dull.

4) Irritation: Sometimes you will have a reaction to products without warning. Eyeshadow is not a product I personally have had a reaction to even though I have super sensitive eyes. So, if you try a new eyeshadow and you find that your eyes are uncharacteristically feeling itchy, red, or watery, then return it, throw it away or give it away. It’s time to move on.

5) Poor Quality: I think we have all had those eyeshadows that we purchased, that are simply poor quality. It’s not that it doesn’t show up on your eyelid or a pigment issue – it doesn’t even go on your brush properly. When this happens, you literally have to dig in to the eyeshadow pan, to try and get it on your brush, to even attempt to apply it. This causes the eyeshadow to “fall” and make a mess, because it’s not a good quality eyeshadow. Not that eyeshadows have to be expensive to be good quality, it happens at all price points. When it does, remember the brand or line so you avoid it in the future.

6) Doesn’t Blend Well: The eyeshadow is a good colour, your brushes have picked it up, and you are happy with it not falling all over your face, but it doesn’t blend well. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, eyeshadow goes on splotchy and uneven. Often we are in a rush or not able to take a lot of time to do your every day makeup- so we want eyeshadows that allow for a quick application. If you know you’re going to have to spend extra time blending something or finding another colour to blend into it so it doesn’t look uneven or patchy-ditch that eyeshadow.

7) Doesn’t Work For Mature Eyes: Mature eyes can be crepey or have fine lines and certain eyeshadows emphasize these aspects of your skin. This is especially true of shimmers, glitter, or holographic shadows. You may think a colour doesn’t have much shimmer, or glitter in it when you’re looking at it online or even in a store, and then when you put it on, it’s completely unflattering. Read our makeup tips for mature skin to get helpful hints.

8) Only Works With A Primer or Base: As mentioned earlier, eyeshadow primers and bases can help extend the wear of an eyeshadow and keep pigment true. That being said, we don’t always have time to, or want to, add another product to our makeup routine. So, if an eyeshadow only works well with the help of a primer or a base – it might not be for you. Sometimes you just need to be able to dip into a colour, apply it quickly, and get that perfect five minute face on, and get out the door.

We hope these lists help you up your makeup game and use only products that work for you. Sometimes we just need that little push to stop making excuses for underperforming products, that are just wrong for you and ditch them once and for all

What did you think of these 8 reasons to ditch your eyeshadow? Do you have any other reasons to add to our list? Leave us a comment below and let us know, as we love getting feedback from our readers.

Remember to take time to pamper yourself and to always stay fabulous!

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