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Beach Bag Essentials to Make Your Day at the Beach Even Better

by Elyse V

You gotta think of almost everything when packing for the beach, depending on the amenities available. You must remember drinks, snacks, treats, SPF (always reapply), things to keep everyone entertained, and chargers; all while trying to ensure that your beauty game stays on point. It’s not easy. That’s why we’re sharing our beauty beach bag essentials with you today.

It all starts with the perfect bag, so let’s jump into the beach bag essentials that will make your beach day even better! Let’s start with what goes into the perfect beach bag.

It starts with the perfect bag

The perfect beach bag is a large, strong-bottomed bag, with sturdy handles. Made from an easy-to-clean fabric, that is either water resistant or waterproof, as any of the ones below or others like them, at Amazon.


So how is that commitment to Sunscreen/SPF coming along? Don’t forget that SPF made our list of the best skincare advice to keep your skin glowing. Trying to decide on a great sunscreen? Check out our list of the best sunscreens to wear on their own or under makeup. The bottom line is to reapply regularly when you are at the beach. Between swimming and sweating, your best bet for protecting your skin is to reapply.

A setting spray or primer

Now depending on what kind of beach day you’re having, you may not be wearing make-up. However, if you’re more of a lounge on the beach/ take a walk on the boardwalk kind of person, you may want to put on some light makeup, and not want to have it running down your face all day. If you’re looking for a great summer primer, check out our list of primers to help beat the heat. If you want a setting spray with SPF, Coola makes a combination setting spray-SPF.

Turkish Cotton Towel

They are extremely soft, absorbent, and are good for your skin and comfortable in the summer heat. No need to keep using that old scratchy towel that you hate. Towels are more important than we realize – check out how to up your beauty routine with towels here.

Chapstick with SPF

If you’re looking for a great lip bomb or lipstick, give our list of the best lip bombs a look- pay extra attention to the brands with SPF, like Coola. The skin on your lips is very sensitive and thin, and that’s why we have to work to keep them hydrated and safe.

Glass water bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Choose a glass water bottle over a stainless steel water bottle, because stainless steel can get very hot in the summer sun. A glass bottle can let light pass through it, which means it won’t get to a boiling point. Also, a glass bottle in silicone, like the Xo, Sienna Glass Travel that I received in my FabFitFun Summer Box, makes carrying glass much safer.


You want a pair of cute sunnies that have a UV coating so that your eyes are well protected from the glare of the sun. Yes, you can find more inexpensive glasses, but they may not have the coasting you need to properly protect your eyes.

Cuccio Somatology Cooling + Cleansing Active Body Wipes-3 Packs

These wipes are perfect for the end of your beach day, when you are tired and sweaty, as you can refresh yourself with them before going home.

A hat

A hat is a must-have for the beach, as it’s not only cute, but it will protect your face and your scalp, from the sun.

Blotting papers

In case you’re sweating badly. You will want blotting papers in your bag, so you can tap away sweat without ruining your makeup if you’re wearing any.

Sachajuan Hair in the Sun Cream

This is a hair cream that helps protect your hair and colour from the damage of the sun.

A Cooling hydration spray

This will help your skin stay refreshed and more importantly, hydrated in the heat.

Hair ties

A hair tie will help keep your hair from flying in your face, dripping with water, and keep it out of your lip balm. A satin hair tie will keep it from having any dents, but if you’re going into the water, a coil hair tie would be a better bet as water will not ruin it.

Detangling Brush

A soft plastic detangling brush travels well, and can gently remove any knots that might occur after your hair has been wet and dried again.

After-bite stick

Helps relieve the pain and itching of a bug bite.

Benadryl Cream

If you were bitten by a creepy crawler, this cream will reduce irritation and inflammation.

Armed with these beach bag essentials, you can safely enjoy the fun of a beach day, knowing that your beauty game will remain intact, and you are prepared for anything.

What are some of your favourite beach bag essentials that we should check out?

We love hearing from our readers, so leave us a comment below and let us know.

The Beach is Calling!

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