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Beauty Gift Guide for 2020 Gifting

by Elyse V

Deciding on Christmas gifts for the people you love is daunting. Inspiration would often strike when you were walking through a boutique, department store, or mall- even if you did wind up ordering it online afterwards. This year, yet again, things are different. We’re doing most of our holiday shopping online, and deciding what to buy seems much more difficult-there are just too many choices when it comes to shopping online. Finding a starting point or inspiration is half the battle. So, we’ve put together a beauty gift guide with something for everyone on your list. When we say everyone we mean everyone … your shopping just got easier! 

Beauty Gift Guide 

Eyeshadow palettes:

Eyeshadow palettes are a fabulous gift for those that love to wear makeup or maybe want to try their hand at a new look. We’ve selected two great palettes:

  • One is the Tartelette™ Give, Gift & Get Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Wardrobe, which is a set of three makeup palettes. Tarte eyeshadows are good quality and getting this combo of three palettes means that the recipient is sure to be able to use it no matter their complexion. You get a light nude, deep browns, and a pink palette. You can even split the palettes up, if you want to gift one or two and keep one for yourself- or gift all three.
  • The other is a Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. The Huda palette is another exceptional gift to give no matter the recipient’s colour preference. This nude palette is something that flatters any complexion, and anyone who enjoys makeup loves getting a new palette as a gift. Especially with the plethora of make up tutorials online, everyone can be their own make-up artist!

Beard Grooming:

Yes, beard grooming is a beauty gift guide category. I think the pandemic has led to an increase in beards. One such item we chose to highlight, is Jack Black’s The Beard Tamer Holiday Set. The set come with beard oil and beard wash. A perfect gift for anyone who wants to maintain their beard. A well groomed beard makes a huge difference in one’s appearance. Not to mention beard maintenance is an act of self care, which has become extremely popular. And self care is something that improves self-confidence and all of us could use more of that. 

Makeup Brush Set:

There is nothing like getting a new set of makeup brushes. No matter how many brushes someone has, it’s lovely to have a new set. Brushes eventually start shedding their bristles after repeated cleanings. The top of the brush can come apart from the handle, and they generally deteriorate over time. Getting a new set, no matter if it is a smaller travel set or a full set with every type of brush, is a great gift; as makeup lovers tend not to embrace brush turnover on their own. 

Makeup Brush Cleaner:

An automated brush cleaner spins the brushes- getting them clean with minimal wear on the brushes. The other plus is that it spins them dry so they are ready to use almost immediately after. This is the perfect gift to give on its own, or paired with a set of  brushes, so your loved ones can keep their brushes in better shape. 

Cleansing Set:

Facial cleansing is very important. With mask wearing and all the stress people are under, skin care is both vital and a lovely form of self care. A great suggestion is the Philosophy Icons Set. You get their Purity facial cleanser (which we highlighted in one of our beauty favourites blogs), Renewed Hope in a Jar Facial Moisturizer, and an Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette. These products are great for sensitive skin, so you don’t need to worry if the person getting the gift has combination or oily skin. Also, getting a little perfume is always a nice addition. 

Beauty Fridge:

A beauty fridge is essentially a six can mini fridge. This is a must have for any beauty lover. Placing one in your bathroom or bedroom is routine changing. Keeping your moisturizer and jade roller (for example) in your fridge changes everything. Your creams go on better, your jade roller depuffs better, and the cold is very refreshing in the morning. In fact, our love of jade rollers is something we covered in one our beauty favourites blog.  Click the link to for models.

Hand Cream Gift Set:

Hand cream is a must in the pandemic. Our hands are damaged from all the washing and sanitizing our hands are undergoing. So, our hands need a little love. That’s why a hand cream set is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Also, they come at any price point, so whether it is for a Secret Santa exchange or something for someone you buy a more expensive gift for- there a hand cream set to fit any budget. Click the links for options.

Face Mask Gift Set:

Giving someone a little pampering is something everyone could use right about now. How do you do that, economically? You give them a set of face masks.  Masks are trendy enough for teens and can provide “me time” to someone of any age who is truly overwhelmed and is in need of a fifteen to twenty minute break. The Sephora Tropical Set includes: a mud mask, a face mask, a nose mask, an Acai smoothie mask, and a green clay mask. Their skin will glow and they will have enjoyed the break associated with doing a mask. 

Bath Sets:

The gift of a bath set is amazing, because once again it’s giving someone the gift of relaxing. A great place to get fabulous eco-friendly vegan sets, is at Lush. Lush has the very best bath set. The Relax set is simply fabulous, and is lavender scented. You get a bath bomb, shower gel, body lotion, and a bubble bar. A set like this allows someone to try a variety of products. If you know someone who loves baths perhaps get a set of bath bombs like the Oh Christmas Tree set, that includes six fabulous bath bombs. Enough to make even the most over stressed person, stop and luxuriate, and think kindly of the gift giver!

So that’s a wrap, on our beauty gift guide. Hopefully, you got some great holiday gift ideas to help you figure out what to get done of the beauty lovers on your list this year. Happy online shopping. 

Have you gifted or received any of these items? Comment below to let us know what your thoughts are, about the items on our list.

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Vinn December 1, 2020 - 11:47 AM

Great gift options! I love to receive any of these. ;)

Tahlula B December 2, 2020 - 6:39 AM

Yeah – they would all make great gifts.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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