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Beauty Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

by Elyse V

Christmas stockings, hung by the chimney with care, are a fun tradition in my family. What to put in the stockings can be a little daunting. Stocking stuffers are often smaller items you group together – you pick these gifts up when you’re out and about. This year picking these gifts spontaneously might prove to be harder, because we’ve moved our shopping online, for our health and safety. So, we’ve put together a beauty stocking stuffers gift guide to help with this. 

These are all items you can order online or even find at your local (essential) businesses like a pharmacy or a grocery store. This is just our latest instalment of our gift guide series which has included gifts that give back parts 1 and part 2, beauty gift guide, and foodie gift guide. So, we have you covered when it comes to shopping for everyone on your list. 

Beauty Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

Beauty Spatula:

We love beauty spatulas around here. They are great because using one allows you to get the most out of your products. In fact, we included it on our list of ways to get more out of your beauty products. 

Toothpaste squeezer:

These toothpaste squeezers aren’t just to help you get the most out of your toothpaste. You can use them on any tubes. This means you can put them on tubes of concealer or foundation to get more out of them. 

Liquid Eyeliner Pens:

Clinique , tarte, and Kat Von D all have amazing eyeliner pens that any beauty lover will love to get in their stocking. You can read about why we love these brands in particular, in an eyeliner blog we previously posted. 

Makeup Sponge Set:

Makeup sponges and beauty blenders are a fabulous mini gift or stocking item. This is something no one can ever have enough of. 

Spiral Hair Ties:

These spiral hair ties do not tangle or leave dents in your hair. They are something anyone with even medium length hair can use. These are essential and you may need a few of them as you’ll want to have them handy in your bedroom, purse, car, or even office. 

Pearl Headbands:

These are a cute way for anyone of any age to dress up an outfit or turn a bad hair day around. We wrote about our love of headbands in this blog. Pearl headbands can be purchased as an inexpensive set from amazon. These are a beautiful and a fun gift to give. 

Silk Pillow Case:

Silk pillowcases held reduce fine lines and wrinkles and you won’t wake up with pillow creases on your face. They also help protect your hair so you don’t wake up with a knotted mess on your head. You will not believe the difference a silk pillowcase can make. 

Lip Balm:

As we are all wearing masks, lipstick has been pushed to the back burner…lipstick smudged against your mask isn’t a good look. However, lips still get dry and need hydration. That is where lip balm comes in to play. This is the perfect gift for everyone that you stuff a stocking for, as everyone’s lips get dry in the winter. Try to keep them as natural as possible.

Hair Turban:

When you get out of the shower putting your hair up in a hair turban is a great way to get out excess moisture before blow drying. No one wants to damage their hair with unnecessary heat. So a hair turban is a great gift for everyone in your family.

Jade Roller:

Jade rollers help depuff under eyes, improve circulation, and allows moisturizer, and oils to penetrate better. They are fabulous to keep in the fridge or a mini beauty fridge in your bathroom (a gift we suggested on our beauty gift guide), making this a great gift to pair together or give on its own. Also, this is giving the gift of self care as it can be an essential part of facial massages and you can read more about that here. 

Makeup Erasing Cloth:

These seemingly magic cloths are a great gift for everyone who loves wearing makeup. It makes makeup removal easy, and since you can wash them, they are eco friendly as they reduce waste.  

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%+ B5:

Great for all skin types (so you don’t need to worry about knowing your skin type) they help fight dryness. The Ordinary hyluronic acid is vegan, gluten-free, and nut free. 

Under Eye Masks:

These masks can help reduce puffiness and hydrate. This is giving someone you care about, a gift to allow them to pamper themselves and relax. 

Sparkly Word Hairpins:

These fancy hair pins are an easy and trendy way to transform an outfit and any hair day better. These are great for any age, and they come in sets so you can pick a series of words that you know someone would appreciate. 

We hope this beauty stocking stuffers gift guide has helped inspire you to think beyond gift cards and candy… not that there is anything wrong with those either!

No matter how you are able to connect with family and friends be it socially distanced gift drop-offs, or video chats, we hope you enjoy everything the season has to offer. Check out our list of ideas on how to celebrate over the holidays safely

What stocking stuffers do you enjoy getting? Are any of these favourites of yours? Leave us a comment below to let us know. 

Happy shopping

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