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Best Bedside Essentials to Have on Hand Nightly

Best Bedside Essentials to Have on Hand Nightly

by Elyse V

If you have ever struggled with insomnia, you’ll know that you reach a point where you’ll try anything. I have found that sticking to a consistent routine, works best for me. It’s like you have to make sleep a habit. I know that’s easier said than done for some of us.

Part of the routine is having the best bedside essentials close-by. That way, I don’t have to venture off to get them if they are needed before retiring or through the night. If they are within reach, there is no need to deviate from the routine and potentially get distracted along the way. Even a trip to the kitchen can throw it all off for me.

These essentials generally contribute to my comfort level or preparedness to sleep in some way. I know this list may seem long but I like to think of everything that can possibly be needed for a more peaceful night’s sleep. You can decide to swap out whatever items don’t represent that for you.

Please keep in mind that this list intentionally does not include suggestions for things like lighting, alarms, or, medications and/or supplements. You can manage those on your own. Also, bedside table can be any space that is immediately accessible to you – like it can be on a bedroom dresser, the counter of an ensuite bathroom, or in a basket on your bedroom floor or a chair you placed by your bed.

Best Bedside Essentials to Keep Accessible

Hand and Body Moisturizer:

A good, preferably natural, moisturizer is important to keep handy. It allows you to smooth a layer on your dry spots and it has all night to soak in and do its thing. A moisturizer that can pull double-duty is LUSH’s Dream Cream. This luxurious all-natural cream is an exceptional moisturizer plus its lavender scent makes it the perfect bedtime choice. Lavender is calming so, while its moisturizing, it’s also helping you doze off. Try to avoid cream with invigorating scents like citrus or mint.

For a scent-free option consider Gloves In A Bottle Moisturizer which was one of my current favourite beauty products- July 2021 edition.

Eye Cream:

Eye cream should be gingerly applied to the eye area in the morning and evening. This skin is very thin and is susceptible to break down easier. As such, it tends to show the signs of ageing and/or deficiencies first. There are a number on the market for specific challenges like lines, discoloration, puffiness, and deep wrinkles.

Face Moisturizer:

Like eye cream, face moisturizer should be applied twice a day. If you don’t have a favourite yet, or if you are open to trying something new, any of the moisturizers from this list will leave your skin glowing.

Lip Balm:

Our lips have some of the thinnest skin on our body and they don’t have oil glands so they need moisturizing regularly. You can choose any of these incredible natural lip balms to keep by your bed or opt for this Seraphine Fruit Butter Lip Mask. It’s a bit on the expensive side but you use so little of it and the results are immediate. Put a thin layer on at night and wake up with moist, hydrated lips.   

Beauty Fridge:

My beauty fridge (below) is now a beauty essential to me . It keeps your facial tools (like jade rollers or stainless steel globes below) cold and ready to go. It also keeps your face creams cold which extends their life as you use less of them. Beauty fridges are so useful and they made our 4 favourite beauty product list for February 2021 (click product name at bottom of image to go to more information).

Facial Tools:

Facial tools – like jade rollers and stainless steel globes (above) – help combat facial/eye puffiness when combined with creams or serums by rolling them over your face. They must be kept in the fridge as they only work when they are cold. If you have a beauty fridge (see above) in your bedroom (or en suite bathroom), these tools will be ready and handy every day/night.

Calming scent(s):

Certain scents – like lavender for example – can have a calming effect on your mind and body. They can make the difference between peacefully drifting off and tossing and turning for hours. Some options for body and pillow sprays are (click product name to go to product page):

LUSH Twilight Body Spray

LUSH Twilight Body Spray

Like LUSH states, this stuff is like a lullaby in a bottle. If you like lavender, you will quickly fall in love with this light, floral, dreamy scent.

Pacifica Lavender Moon Body & Pillow Mist

Pacifica Lavender Moon Body & Pillow Spray

This water-based spray blends lavender with the sweet scents of rose and vanilla for a joyous, light evening blend for your body and pillow.

This Works deep sleep pillow spray

ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This best-selling pillow spray, perfectly blends lavender, chamomile, and vetiver for a light, tranquil scent that will calm you mind and body.

Journal and pen

Before you roll your eyes at the thought of paper and pen, they have the upper hand over using a note app in your phone in this capacity. Once you are on your phone, you get distracted, engaged and tempted to open, read, play, respond. These are not good things at sleepy time. Staring at a blank page and reflecting on your day, or thinking of what you are grateful for, or what your intentions are for the next day, has a way of transferring those thoughts from your mind and onto the paper. Then you close the book and they are no longer racing through your mind. And you can sleep better.   

Cell Phone with charger or Landline

Keep a phone handy in case of an emergency or if someone needs to reach you urgently. Do not get distracted with your phone though. Consider it for urgent matters only after a certain hour.

Other “No explanation required” essentials:

  • Nail File
  • Sleep Mask
  • Water Bottle
  • Facial Tissue
  • Lozenge or Mint
  • Prescription Eye Glasses (if you need them)
  • Reading Material
  • Remotes for any electronics

You can gather these items up and keep them in a basket or tray so they can be quickly tucked away in the event you have guests.

What items are on your bedside essential list? Please let us know in the comments – we are always looking for ways to improve our night time comfort.

💤💤 Sleep is the best form of meditation. Welcome it with open arms. 💤 💤

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Mummy Conquering Anxiety October 1, 2021 - 10:45 AM

Thank you for this list.

I have a little box with most of these things in, but it isn’t next to my bed.

Some of the lush items look lovely.

Elyse V October 1, 2021 - 1:44 PM

Thank you for reading and for your comment.

Yes, even just keeping the items you need together helps with maintaining your best pre-sleepy time routine 😀

Thank you again.



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