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Best Reactions to Harry Styles Grammy Performance

by Elyse V

There is not much that I can write about Harry Styles that hasn’t already been written. He’s an angel. He’s an angel with boas as wings while he lives here on earth with us mere mortals. I mean, just when you think he can’t out Harry Styles himself, he does just that. Of course, I’m talking about Harry Styles’ Grammy performance.

I needed some time to watch it again (and again) to be able to fully appreciate the pure perfection that it was. The look, the vibe, the voice, the band, the bass, the dancing, and the boas…all perfection. If I had to find fault it would be that I wanted more – I wanted a medley. But that’s just me being greedy.

I’m not alone either. Before Harry had even taken a bow at the end of his performance, boas were trending worldwide. The Gucci phallic banana necklace was sold out. That is the power of Harry Styles. It truly is Harry’s world and we are all just happily living in his glow.

It all started with a leather Gucci suit, green boa and a soulful vibe. Let the swooning begin…,

And then came Harry’s first Grammy win (and a new boa). We saw Taylor Swift give Harry a standing ovation when he won. She genuinely looked happy for him and there was a silent awwww heard around the world.

The awwww got loud fast when the video of Taylor and Harry (post-win and with another new boa) talking was released. Oh those Grammy people knew exactly what they were doing. Queue the scrambling lip-readers trying to get to the bottom of what was said and by who.

Harry’s iconic performance and progressive fashion choices left us wanting more but fear not. Even though Covid has sidelined touring, we will soon see Harry on the big screen in the Olivia Wilde-directed film Don’t Worry Darling starring alongside Florence Pugh.

Did you catch Harry Styles Grammy performance?
What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Spring. Enjoy the warmer weather, but remember to stay safe.

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