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Bissell Crosswave Lives Up To Hype

by Elyse V

Confession time: I’m the worst floor cleaner in the world. When I vacuum I tend to leave the tiny bits behind and washing a floor … I may as well just flood my kitchen.  I’m more of what you may call a surface cleaner. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen the error of some of my ways and realised I had to up my cleaning game.  So, I reluctantly bought the new Bissell Crosswave All-in-One Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac to see if it lived up to its promises.

I fully expected it to fail miserably and that I would return it and just keep searching for an easier way to do my floors. But that was not the case. The Bissell Crosswave is amazing. It is easy to use, and it does what it says and that is what lead me to writing this Bissell Crosswave review.

This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the Bissell Crosswave and I’m under no obligation to give a favourable review. I’m speaking truthfully of my experience only. Now back to the review. 

So what does it do?

It vacuums, washes, and dries the floor all at once. It has two settings, rug and wood. Now,  I don’t have rugs, other than a small area rug by the front door and my main floor is mostly tile. Basically, the wood setting is your default setting for easy to remove stains. The rug setting gets your hard to get out stains off easily. I had black marks that have been on my hardwood floor for months, if not a year, but they came off easily by using the rug feature for stubborn stains. 

The only drawbacks I see is that it doesn’t dry the floor as well as I’d like, but I don’t mind waiting a few minutes given that they aren’t very wet when you finish. Also, you have to use their cleaning liquid and it comes with a very small sample bottle. Finally, the cord, though long enough to do my main floor without an extension cord, can get in the way sometimes. These are very minor issues when you take in to account, the overall excellence of the product. 

Bissell Crosswave has changed floor cleaning

The Bissell Crosswave has changed how I think about doing my floors and it hasn’t been in my life long. Footprints by the back door? Grab the Crosswave. Spilled coffee dried on the floor?  No problem. Chopped herbs or tomatoes from the garden on the floor?  No sweat. It’s simple to clean even when it is full of dirty water and sand. It’s lightweight and easy to use.  I find it’s quick to do a full covering of my main floor or just spot clean. 

Everyone is shocked when they see me cleaning the floor again because I see a mark. I just don’t mind doing it anymore. Before I had excuses not to clean the floor as often, as it was time consuming and hard to vacuum, wash, and wait for the floors to dry. Not to mention having to use different cleaning products for different types of flooring. The Bissell Crosswave has taken all the guesswork out of cleaning and has made my life easier, and my house a lot cleaner. 

My overall Bissell Crosswave review is that I love this product. It’s incredible and changed the way I feel about cleaning my floors. Do you have a Crosswave? What do you think of it? What products do you love that make your life easier? Leave us know in the comments. 

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