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Celebrate National Pumpkin Day By Determining which is The Best Pumpkin Spice Coffee Pod.

by Elyse V

Happy National Pumpkin Day! That’s rights it’s pumpkin day, and since I’m such a pumpkin spice aficionado, we’re celebrating. How do you celebrate such a day? By determining the best pumpkin spice coffee pod, on the market.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes or ‘PSL’s’ get a bad rap for being so eagerly anticipated, sometimes seemingly in late summer! These enjoyable drinks are an essential part of what most people love about fall, along with apple picking & cozy sweaters.

There is nothing I love more than going to Starbucks or Second Cup for a PSL in the fall. I always make sure I get at least one each fall- as I don’t do a lot of takeout coffee in general. You’ll notice I didn’t mention Tim Hortons‘ pumpkin spice, as it is not something they do well and should be avoided on their menu. 

Getting my PSL is something else that Covid-19 has taken away from me. As I have high risk people in my family, I only go out for essentials and takeout coffee isn’t essential. I’ve made a PSL properly with good quality espresso, then mixing pumpkin pie spice into the milk with vanilla and a little sugar, warming and frothing the milk- and it’s voila, it’s delicious. But I don’t necessarily always want to take that much time or effort . 

Since I love my Keurig brewer I thought I’d sample pods and determine the best pumpkin spice coffee pods. In the past I’ve tried the Timothy’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee K-Cup pods and found them watery with only a hint of cinnamon flavour. Seeing as I wasn’t a fan, I didn’t buy Timothy’s again for this taste test. 

Our two contenders were Zavida Coffee Roasters’ Pumpkin Spice K-Cup and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice K-Cup. I made both of them at 10oz (though the Starbucks box says to use 8oz, but more on that later), I heated my lactose free milk and frothed it. Now both had a little bit of a bitter edge, so sugar had to be added- as usually I just put milk in my coffee.  At 10oz the Zavida’s had a fabulous well rounded spiced flavour that tastes like a bought PSL. Meanwhile, the Starbucks was horrible. It tasted watery, floral, and like the smell of a weak pumpkin candle. The addition of extra sugar didn’t help this awful cup of coffee.

  Next, I made the coffees at 8 oz. The Starbucks was night and day better than it had been. Who would have thought to read the instructions on a box of k-cups? As they are very straight forward to use. The Zavida pods were even stronger than they were at 10oz, but still quite delicious. Both still needed sugar in my estimation. Overall they are very enjoyable; as they had a well balanced and full bodied flavour of coffee and pumpkin spice. 

So which brand had the best pumpkin spice coffee pod?

The clear winner, in a huge upset, was the Zavida. The Zavida has more flavour and it was better balanced. I also liked that I could have a bigger, if slightly more diluted, cup of coffee. Overall the Zavida pumpkin spice coffee pods are the best pumpkin spice pods I’ve ever made at home. If you have a Keurig and love a pumpkin spice coffee pod you should give these a try. 

Have you tried any of these pods? What is your favourite? Leave us a comment below. And Happy National Pumpkin day!

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