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New kind of resolution for 2021

Cheers to a New Kind of Resolution for 2021 (and 10 ideas to get you started)

by Elyse V

Happy New Year! Now, I know it’s January 6th, I figure most people don’t really start their resolutions for at least a week into the new year. This first week to ten days of any new year are spent finishing leftovers and enjoying the last of the holiday treats. I mean if you made any of our gluten-free dessert bars/cookies (caramel chocolate cookie bar, hello dolly dessert bar, Fat Albert, chewy coconut macaroons) you are probably still enjoying them. So, what is our resolution this year? Actually, I think a new kind of resolution for 2021 is in order.

Let me clarify – 2020 was (by all accounts) a dumpster fire of a year and it’s spilling over into 2021. So many people lost so much in 2020 – whether it be loved ones, their own health, jobs, or our sense of safety and security just going out into the world. We have all earned the right to give ourselves a break in 2021. We shouldn’t put anymore pressure on ourselves. So no setting resolution goals that we might not meet or cause us to be harsh on ourselves. Not this year. Let’s try a more gentle, thoughtful approach that considers and nurtures all aspects of our lives – mind, body, soul and spirit.

10 Ideas to Get Your New Kind of Resolution for 2021 Started

1) Schedule time for yourself at least 3 times per week for self-care, a hobby or to be creative.

If you enjoy doing a self-facial massage, schedule time for it. Love gardening? Start deciding what you want to plant from seed come spring. Enjoy reading? Then take the time to enjoy that book you might have gotten for Christmas or see what’s available for download free from your local library. You can also explore new – or build on existing – hobbies or skills like cooking, painting or playing an instrument.

2) Don’t spread gossip.

Seriously. We should all have a greater perspective after 2020. Gossip is hateful and hurtful and nobody should intentionally make another person’s life more difficult than Covid has already made it. Avoid negative people who enjoy gossip because they feed off the pain of others. They are toxic. Oh and be nicer on social media. Just because they are not standing in front of you, it still counts.

3) Accept you. Forego the salon services (or learn to DIY them)

Having to avoid salons and spas due to Covid has made us take stock of what services we need to indulge in and what we can do without permanently. For example, I think I’m done with my bio gel manicures. Having long perfect nails always made me feel more polished (pardon the pun). Now, I just see it as unhealthy on many levels and I’m exploring my home DIY manicure options. There was a very ugly period where they were growing out but now they are shorter and natural and easier to keep clean. This is just one example of how my beauty salon routines may be permanently changed.

4) Reach out and connect with the people in your life.

I don’t mean send a text. I mean pick up the phone and call or FaceTime (or other video conference option). Ask how they are coping during the pandemic. Ask them what they are struggling the most with and how they spend their days. You can share how you spend your free time as well. It sometimes helps to just be reminded that we are all in this together. You might even be able to help each other overcome a challenge or get ideas for activities. Or you might just find a way to laugh at the sheer f*cked-upness of it all. It’s important to hear people’s voices to truly understand how they are copng. Texts can be cold and deceiving.

 5) Let yourself be comfortable.

Wear your favourite slippers, pants with stretch, and loose tops. You don’t need to feel confined. Just make sure the top you wear is ok for video calls if they are required. I think business dress codes have loosened during Covid, but there is still an expectation that your clothes will be clean, cover all your personal bits, and not have anything offensive written on them. Other than that, be comfortable. I mean, they are even making dress sweat pants now.

6) Write one gratitude statement everyday.

At the beginnng, middle, or end of every day, write down one thing in your life that you are grateful for. It will help you recognize your blessings even on the darker days. It will raise your mood and keep you mindful. Store them all in one document or (ideally) a notebook or journal so you can reference them when you need a pick me up or a reminder. You can repeat the same gratitude statement if that is how you are feeling in that moment. Don’t over-think it. Keep in mind it can be a person, a situation, a pet, a possession…whatever is making that moment/day easier to live through.

7) Declutter/purge your space and donate what you no longer use.

Keeping clothes in smaller sizes does not motivate you to lose weight. It could be that it’s an unreasonable goal. In any case, they can be a constant reminder of failure and nobody needs that. Donate them to charity. Give them to someone who can use them and will appreciate them. Same goes with household or other personal items.

8) Listen to music more.

Turn off the news or the TV and turn on music. Get your body moving and sing along. It will transport you back to happier days and lift your spirits. Plus it’s fun exercice.

9) Create a budget and stick to it.

Set your mind to saving more money. Create a budget and stick to it. The purpose is to save more money at the end of every month. Apps like Mint and You Need a Budget (YNAB) can help you plan and achieve your goals. We were definitely reminded of the importance of “rainy day” money in 2020 because it was pouring.

10) Continue to follow all safety protocol.

Even though we are all suffering from Covid-fatigue, we must stay vigilant and continue wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and limiting outings to essential errands only. We are not out of the woods yet – not by a long shot. If we have any hope of normalcy returning, we must flatten the curve. We can do this. The vaccine will be here this year (fingers crossed). In the meantime, our collective focus must remain on staying safe and healthy.

How are you approaching 2021? Have you made any resolutions? Will you be jumping on our new kind of resolution for 2021 bandwagon? What salon services are you reconsidering? Let us know in the comments.

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