Cubii Jr Review

by Elyse V

It goes without saying that the Covid 19 pandemic changed life as we know it. Seemingly overnight where and what we did changed. Being home, made many of us more sedentary than usual. My family and I were no exception to the masses looking online for ways to stay active in our homes. Where we might differ is that we all have some varying degrees of mobility issues so using a bike or treadmill would be difficult for us for a variety of reasons. Even online workouts weren’t something we were able to do. So, I was looking for an easy and low impact way to get some exercise in that we could all use. This lead me to the Cubii Jr and this Cubii Jr review. 

What is a Cubii Jr? 

It’s a seated elliptical. Really it is little more than pedals attached to an easy to carry unit. It measures your strides, calories burned, and how far you’ve gone. It even has an easy to adjust resistance dial. 

Cubii Jr Review

The Cubii Jr is something that everyone in my family can use as we just adjust the dial to our specific resistance and tolerance and use it for as long as we can manage. It’s easy to get your steps in when you’re sitting comfortably and not using your full body weight. 

One of the best features is that’s it’s pretty quiet and you can use the Cubii while watching TV on your couch. It’s light weight enough to carry out to even use on the deck in the nice weather.  It is also small enough to fit under any desk or table so you can get your strides in while working. 

The only drawback I found was the nonslip mat, which it comes with, that goes under the Cubii. It rumples easily and didn’t hold the machine steady, very well. I replaced this with my yoga mat, which I just folded into thirds. The yoga mat worked much better in all respects. It even made it easy to just push the Cubii out of the way rather than having to lift it to move it, as needed. 

Overall, this is an easy to use piece of workout equipment that even people with mobility issues can use.  So if you are looking for an easy entry point to working-out, that can fit into your existing schedule try the Cubii. Do you have any easy fitness tips? Please share them with us. 

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