Father's Day Celebration Ideas

Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

by Elyse V

As the Covid vaccine continues to be administered and restrictions begin to be lifted, we can cautiously start to open our social bubbles according to our regional safety protocols. Of course, this applies to the fully vaccinated only. If, for some reason, you needed a little more motivation to get vaccinated, Father’s Day is around the corner. And if you are fully vaccinated, you’ll be able to plan a reasonable in-person celebration. No, things are not 100% back, but it’s better. We are getting there. So, get yourself (and your loved ones) vaccinated. Then, think of the perfect gift and/or plan the perfect Father’s Day fun using these Father’s Day Celebration Ideas.

Remember to fully charge your phone so you can capture lots of pics regardless of how you decide to spend your day. Oh, and if you're going to be outdoors, bring water to stay hydrated and sunscreen to protect your skin.

For the Sentimental Journey Day

  • Create a Family Tree. This does not have to be a daunting task. You can just start with what you know and then work on it overtime to build on it. Tracing your family roots together will be a bonding experience as you learn about your family history and stroll down memory lane with your dad. If you need a little help getting started, you can sign up for a free Canva account and create a pretty cool Family tree that will allow you to work on it individually and together.
  • Create a playlist with favourite songs or listen to records together. Music can be the soundtrack to our lives. There are songs that can take you back to a specific moment in time like nothing else. Music can have that effect. Ask him questions about the memories he has with certain songs – you’ll get to know your dad better and he’ll love sharing his life with you.
  • Take a road trip for the day or weekend. First make sure what’s allowed according to your local Covid protocol and then plan a trip, hitting all your dad’s favourite places or bring him to spots you know he’d love. Or recreate a family road trip from the past. You can even play the playlist you made him while you’re at it.

Father’s Day Celebration Ideas for the Outdoorsy Day

  • Have a BBQ cookout. Plan a cookout in your backyard or park with your dad’s favourite BBQ proteins and side dishes. Queue up that playlist, fire up the grill and enjoy the great outdoors together while listening to music, eating great food, and having a few beverages. End the day with roasting marshmallows over the BBQ and make some gooey S’mores. You can watch the sun go down together too. It’ll make the S’mores even sweeter.
  • Go bird watching. Grab your binoculars and your camera and head out to your backyard or local trail for a nature-filled day of discovery. Keep track of the birds you see and capture pics of them so you can share them long after you get home. You just might be surprised at how many different species of birds you see.
  • Plan an outdoor movie night. If your dad loves watching movies, plan a night around all his favourites in your backyard. Hang a white sheet as a screen, set up the projector, arrange a few chairs and bring the snacks and drinks.  Oh, and don’t forget a few pillows and throws for an extra comfy movie experience. You can also string up some lights to add to the ambience.
  • Plant a family garden. Gardening is like the gift that gives again and again. It’s relaxing but it’s also exercise. It can both beautify your home and put food on the table. Plus, you can also grow a bee-friendly flower garden that can help keep them around because they are important to our survival. Having said all this, it can also be a lot of work so roll up those sleeves and get digging. 
  • Outdoor game day. You can set up a badminton net and use it to play badminton or volleyball. You can also play cornhole, horseshoes, bocce, lawn bowling, croquet, or basketball. Whatever your dad prefers. Just remember to stay hydrated and keep some snacks handy so you stay fuelled.
  • Active/Fitness Day. Plan to spend a day doing whatever healthy and fitness activities your dad likes best. You can go for a walk/jog/hike, go canoeing, go for a bike ride, take a fitness class or do a virtual class. Or you can do a combination of these activities. If your dad would prefer to keep his body moving then lace up those runners and get moving with him. Again, make sure there is plenty of water to stay hydrated, sunscreen and healthy snacks.

For the Foodie Day

  • Take a cooking class together or purchase one for dad. This cooking class can be online or in-person. There is a plethora of virtual cooking classes that can be taken specific to whatever your dad might enjoy most. Or surprise him with something he’d never expect. Learning new cooking skills, or methods of cooking, is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Spoil him with breakfast in bed.  Dads like eating breakfast in bed too. Cook his favourite splurge breakfast foods add his favourite hot/cold beverages(s) and there you have it. A great way to start Father’s Day off right.
  • Plan a special lunch or dinner. Special can be homemaking his favourite foods or foods he would order-in or maybe it’s a meal he doesn’t have often like some of the examples below:
    • Make a fondue. You can make a chocolate fondue or a cheese fondue but be sure to include all his favourite bits and bites for dipping too. Fondues are not only delicious but also fun to share.
    • Cook a gourmet dish. Choose his favourite chef and put a menu together based on a few of their recipes. You can give him the cookbook you worked from as part of the gift too. Be sure to highlight the dishes you made and why you chose them in the book. It will be the perfect keepsake from the perfect meal and will be remembered long after it’s done.
    • Make ice cream. You don’t need a fancy ice cream maker to make ice cream. A quick Google search will show you many ways to make ice cream. Here’s your chance to really let your imagination go. Think about what flavours your dad would love most and make a special ice cream just for him. You can also gather some of his favourite toppings too.
    • Create an at-home pizzeria. Yes, pizza is generally ordered-in but here’s your chance to change it up. Especially if dad LOVES pizza. You can learn to make your own dough and sauce or you can purchase them. Then think about what toppings dad would love and have them ready to go. Let dad top his own pizza and you do all the cooking.
    • Make a dessert bar. If your dad has a sweet tooth, then plan a splurge day and let him endulge. You can get a variety of desserts that your dad would love but normally doesn’t have. Perfect for the dad who loves dessert, but struggles to pick just one. Give him all of them.

Father’s Day Celebration Ideas for the Virtual Day

  • Throw him a virtual (surprise) party. We realize everyone has had their share of video get-togethers at this point, but they remain an excellent way to gather groups of people that otherwise would have challenges connecting. Whether due to distance or personal situations, video calls make overcoming those challenges easier. Arrange for a few of your dad’s favourite people to connect ahead of time and surprise him with a Zoom or FaceTime party. Make sure to have a space ready for video and have your dad looking snazzy so he is party and camera ready.
  • Go on a virtual adventure. There is no end to the type of virtual tours/experiences you can do now. You can see the world and its best museums, historical monuments, attractions, parks and caves. Heck, you can even roam Mars with Nasa!
  • Go to a virtual concert. If going to concerts is not possible for whatever reason, bring the concert to dad. You can find a virtual concert, create the best viewing/listening experience using the largest screen available (and speakers) and sit back (or stand and dance) and enjoy. You can even grab a bite to eat before or after the concert. Don’t forget to pick up a band t-shirt if you can.

Generally, dads don’t like a lot of fuss, but planning the perfect Father’s Day is easier than you think. At the end of the day, spending time together is at the heart of all good times. But you might as well try to make it fun too. Hopefully this Father’s Day Celebration Ideas list will help you plan the perfect day. Be sure to check out our Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Ideas Guide if you are still undecided on that front too.     

Regardless of what you do, be all-in. Don’t spend special time with your dad (or any loved one), checking your phone and/or texting. Turn your notifications off and give your undivided attention. For that short while, mute your inner FOMO-voice. Trust you’re not missing anything better.

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