Foodie Gift Guide

Foodie Gift Guide Christmas 2020

by Elyse V

The holidays are upon us and we are officially in gift giving mode. Deciding what to get the people in your life is difficult at the best of times. This year, Covid has made this a little more challenging. Life hasn’t been “normal” and, as a result, our daily habits have changed.

We are now home more and doing most/all of our shopping online. To help give you some ideas, we have put together a Beauty Gift Guide for the beauty junky in your life. We also created two gift giving guides for those who like to shop their values: Gifts that Give Back Part 1, and Gifts that Give Back Part 2.

Today’s Foodie Gift Guide will be perfect for those who have either started or stepped up their cooking and baking game as a result of being locked down. These kitchen tools and gadgets will be welcomed gifts for all the foodies in your life. So, without further ado, we give you our Foodie Gift Guide.

Foodie Gift Guide Christmas 2020


There are many air fryers on the market today to choose from in various sizes and specialities. They make a great gift because they allow the recipient to enjoy the crispness of fried food without all the oil. They are not just for frying either as you can also use them to reheat food. Some even bake items in them! They help us live a little healthier and that’s always a good thing.



The Instant Pot has been a hot Christmas gift, as of late. You can seemingly do anything in an instant pot from hard boiling eggs to making chili, soups, and roasts … the sky’s the limit. They are a perfect gift for someone who wants to make more nutritional meals, while making cooking faster and easier. Given how much people are juggling with work, homeschooling, and general pandemic-pandemonium, this is a great gift to help streamline cooking. Check out Corrie Cooks for some great Instant Pot Recipes.



The Gotham Steel line are great pots and pans. They are are nonstick and can take a good amount of use. One of my personal favourites is the Gotham™ Steel Nonstick 11″ 4-Piece Deep Square Pan Set. This awesome set includes the pot, a fry basket, a steamer tray, and a lid. Not to mention the little cookbook of recipes is great. You can’t believe how much you can do with this pot. The one pot macaroni and cheese recipe is truly game changing. The shallow pans and even the crisper tray in the line is great for making fries and reheating food. Overall, they are just a useful line of products and something any cook will enjoy.



This is a pricier item, but one that any person who truly loves cooking or baking would love. Also, the KitchenAid Tilt Head Stand Mixer has a ton of attachments you can purchase for someone who already has one. You can get a pasta making attachment, a meat grinding attachment, and even a vegetable spiralizer. So even if you know someone who has one of these mixers you can totally add value to how they will use it with these attachments.



If the person you’re giving a gift to doesn’t have a KitchenAid, you can look into a stand-alone spiralizer. Spiralizing vegetables and making healthy vegetables noodles is super trendy. You can get a spiralizer at any price point from small hand crank ones, larger hand powered ones with multiple blades, and even electric ones. No matter which one you go with you can’t go wrong, as it opens your loved ones up to new healthy ideas and fresh easy meals. Who doesn’t want that?



Keurig offers a number of options from simple single serve machines to machines that use pods and regular grounds so you can brew a pot of coffee regardless of your preference. The number of pods available for these machines is just incredible too. There are pods for everyone- we even taste tested for the best pumpkin spice coffee pod. So, if someone is missing their favourite coffee shop’s brew, you could pack together a travel mug and a box or two of pods for a great gift if they already have a Keurig brewer.



Silicone utensils will help extend the life of your nonstick cookware. New spatulas, and whisks etc.. are something people don’t often think of for themselves. So let them throw out the wonky whisk or slightly melted ladle for new utensils, that will make cooking easier and brighten up their kitchen.


Foodie Stocking Stuffers Suggestions

Not all foodie gift guide gifts are big ticket items. Some are smaller ones that can be gifted on their own, put in a stocking, or even grouped together in a basket. Here are some of the smaller items we love.


The Debbie Meyer GreenBags keep your produce fresher longer. Also, you just wipe them out in between uses and you can use them again and again. Personally, I use these everyday and they are a game changer. Since we’re all trying to limit trips to the grocery store, it’s fabulous to have a way to keep perishable produce fresher longer.



The cast iron lemon squeezer is another game changer. This weighty squeezer gives you a nice juice, they are easy to use, and they look so much better in a drawer than a plastic one. A good quality lemon (citrus) squeezer is something any foodie would love to have.



A great instant read thermometer is perfect for cooks and BBQers alike. Being able to know the exact temperature of meats takes a lot of the stress and guess work out of cooking the perfect piece of meat.



These are heavy-duty rubber bar service mats and they are perfect for an at home coffee bar. So you can gift this to anyone with a coffee machine, as it keeps counters cleaner. This rubber mat, will catch any little spills and save you from drip and (permanent) marks on your counter.

That’s a wrap on our Foodie Gift Guide. We hope you enjoyed these gift ideas and they help you think of creative and useful gift ideas for the foodie in your life.

Have you given or received or tried any of these gift items? Do you have any other kitchen-related gift ideas for foodies? Please comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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