Garden Tip: Late Seed Planting

by Elyse V

I realize this update might be coming a bit late but it’s really never too late for a garden tip.

In mid-August I noticed that one of my zucchini plants and some basil plants were withering. The basil plants really shocked me, as this was a great year for basil. The plants were large and bushy. I got multiple cuttings out of this year’s basil crops. But after my last cutting, half of the plants – which had a lot of leaves on them – died. I think they were scorched by the sun, as the leaves looked shrivelled and burnt. Before you ask, yes they were well watered. I heard that this happened to others so I’m blaming the weather. 

Once I pulled the zucchini plant and one third of my basil plants out of their respective planters and I had to decide what to put in their places. I didn’t want the garden space to go to waste even though it was late to seed.


I decided to put in a package of spinach seeds.  Spinach is a first time crop for me this year. I got a decent crop, but had to pull them out in July as it was too hot for them. Through research I learned if the sun it is too hot plants will go to seed. Any remaining leaves on the plant aren’t good to eat after the plant goes to seed. So, I should get a great crop of them heading into the fall- if my calculations are right. 

I also added more lettuce seeds. I’m going to brag and tell you I haven’t bought lettuce since June because my crop has been that good this year. Since I want to keep this trend up I’ve been adding more lettuce seeds over the course of the summer. Having a variety of lettuce adds different flavours and textures to your salads. I’ve had some of the best salads I’ve ever had this summer.

I also planted more basil seeds. I’m not sure if these basil seeds will give me a more basil plants. However, I had half a packet of seeds left, so I felt it was well worth the experiment.

I’ll let you all know how these late seed gardening experiments fare. Do you have a garden tip or experience with late season planting that you would like to share with us? If so let us know in the comments. 

Garden Tip: Raised zucchini planter with dead plant removed to make room for late seed planting.

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