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Gardening Tip: Repurposed Old Windows Can Help Prolong Your Growing Season

by Elyse V

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it a little late for a gardening blog? No, is the short answer.  Yes, the weather is getting colder here in Southern Ontario, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with my crops. I’m so intrigued by how well this gardening tip worked in my garden. I’m happy to share these ideas with other garden enthusiasts to prolong your growing season.

Now, I covered my raised planters with thin, clear plastic tarps. I had these extra tarps left over from an old painting project. I covered the four main raised planters in my garden because the temperatures were dropping at night. This posed a problem, as when the temperature warmed during the day, it became downright tropical under the tarp. This literally killed some of my basil plants, as they wilted and turned black.  So whenever the weather was warmer, I would immediately take the tarps off. Lesson learned.

As the temperature continues to drop, I have to do something to keep my plants from certain death. Three of the planters are wrapped in the same tarps as before, but they are looser and I’ve allowed small gaps or holes to let in extra air circulation. 

Repurpose Old Windows to Turn Planter Boxes into Greenhouses

With my long wooden planter box, I covered it with two large windows. My neighbour was kind enough to give me their old windows when they had new ones installed. Since we built the planter box out of 1/2 inch plywood, on our own, we added a 2” by 2” lip of wood on the inside to support the weight of the windows. The plywood would not have been sturdy enough to hold the thickness of the windows. 

Once the 2”by 2” ledge was installed, all I’ve done is to place the windows on top of the box. The windows act like a greenhouse, allowing light to get in, as well as some air. I’ve had the windows on for a week or so, and thus far everything underneath is thriving.  I’m thinking of planting some more hearty spinach and lettuce in this box to have it grow, hopefully well into the winter. I previously planted spinach in another planter and it worked out, as I now have a beautiful crop of spinach to harvest any day now.

This gardening tip to repurpose old windows to prolong your gardening season will change how you garden. It’s so satisfying to repurpose something rather than have it end up in the landfill. Old windows or anything similar, to cover your plants works great and prolongs your growing season. 

Do you have any tips for planting this late in the year? Leave us a comment below. 

Happy Fall planting!

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