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#GETOUTTHEVOTE Motivation Videos in Case You Need That Extra Push

by Elyse V

The American Presidential election on Tuesday November 3rd will be the most important one of our lives. It will decide the trajectory of the USA and democracy everywhere as we know it. This makes #GETOUTTHEVOTE more critical than ever.

We don’t generally write about politics. This stopped being about politics many pussy grabs and “fine people on both sides” ago. Democracy, justice and decency are on the ballot. If you haven’t voted for Biden/Harris (and all the great down ballot Democrats too) yet, here are a few videos to help motivate you to do just that.

And of course a little Randy…

As Canadians, we don’t recognize our neighbours to the south and haven’t in four years. It may not be our election, but it impacts our world. We strongly encourage you to exercise your right to vote. This election impacts not only your country but the global community. Be able to proudly say you did your part. #GETOUTTHEVOTE for Biden/Harris. Remember, the world is watching.

Oh and if you’re feeling stressed, a little self-care and a lot of deep breathing will help get you through it.

Share your voting motivation and experience with us in the comments.

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