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Gluten-Free Fat Albert Bar

Gluten-Free Fat Albert Bar

by Elyse V

Due to Covid we are celebrating a little different this year;but, as we recently wrote, that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate. You can still safely drop off socially distanced gifts or baking to those special people in your life, to brighten their holiday. While making baking trays, you want some easy recipes that yield a lot of pieces to spread the cheer around. That’s where tray bakes, or squares, come in handy. They offer you a tasty way to have a great selection without a lot of work. Today, I’m sharing the recipe for a gluten-free Fat Albert bar. Like our Chocolate Caramel Cookie bar, it’s another favourite. Sometimes called nut bars, these are a perfect mix of  caramel, nuts, over a crunchy graham cracker base. I’ve adapted this family classic bar into a gluten-free recipe so I can continue to enjoy them even though I’m gluten intolerant.

The graham cracker base comes from grain changer. This is one recipe, which I have not adapted. Why you ask?  The recipe works perfectly. The only change I’ve had is how you cook it, so instead of making crackers, we’re making a single layer crust. This means the cooking of it differs from the original. The recipe will yield two thin crusts that fit 9”x13” glass baking dishes. So, you can either make a second graham cracker crust based cookie bar-like I do, with my family-favourite gluten-free Hello Dolly recipe– or make some graham crackers, or make half of the recipe.  I love that one recipe gives me two 9”x13” bases for squares. 

Without further ado here is our gluten-free Fat Albert bar recipe. 

Click the GO TO RECIPE button below to go to our sister site GlutenFreeFoodee.com. You will also find many other great gluten-free recipes, gluten-free tips, and gluten-free product reviews. Check it out.

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