HOME FOOD Gluten-Free Spinach Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Recipe
Gluten Free Spinach Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Gluten-Free Spinach Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

by Elyse V

I love trying new recipes or creating new recipes with my mom. So, in honour of National
Pizza Day
this week, we decided to try to make a gluten-free spinach stuffed pepperoni pizza recipe.

Now since I’m gluten-free, we have perfected homemade gluten-free pizza dough along with some great tips. If gluten-free is not your thing, you can use any dough you prefer – like whole wheat, regular, store-bought or your own homemade – when making this recipe. I made half a batch of dough for this pizza recipe. So, I think you would use about half to three-quarters of whichever dough you prefer.

Gluten-Free Spinach Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Click the GO TO RECIPE button below to go to our sister site GlutenFreeFoodee.com to get the full recipe. You will also find many other great gluten-free recipes, tips, and product reviews. Check it out.

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