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Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo with Free Cards

by Elyse V

It is Hallmark Christmas movie season. This means every channel and streaming service (not just Hallmark proper) will be running more and more light and frothy holiday themed movies. These romance-focused holiday movies are a fabulous escape from the hustle, bustle and stress of life. In 2020, we need these movies more than ever and do you know how you can make them even more enjoyable? Hallmark Christmas movie BINGO.

Hallmark Christmas movie BINGO is only possible because the movies can be deliciously formulaic and predictable while keeping you completely entertained. They are easy to poke fun at while watching. I mean, I love all things Christmas but I couldn’t fit half the Christmas activities of one movie into one holiday season unless it started in May. Side note, who was it that decided Christmas was romantic? I think I need to have a word with them, but I digress. 

My whole family loves watching these movies or even just having them on in the background – sort of like Christmas carols. You can enjoy them without having to give them your undivided attention. You can tune in and out without much difficulty or risk of missing a plot gap you can’t quickly piece together. And that light, uncomplicated and predictable content keeps us watching.

Hallmark Christmas movie BINGO adds to their enjoyment

There is almost something comforting in their predictability at times. After you’ve watched a few Hallmark Christmas movies, you notice some common plot lines. When watching with my family, we’ve playfully tick them off on our imaginary BINGO cards like:

Dead parent: check

Left the big city: check

A town professionally decorated beyond reason: check 

A charming inn: check 

A sassy friend: check

BINGO! And I didn’t even need to use the “free space.”

This got me thinking that it could be fun to play actual Bingo as you watch. That is why we’ve made a set of four different downloadable bingo cards to make the holiday movie experience even more fun. You could even set a very Hallmark-worthy prize for the winner like a big mug of cocoa with extra marshmallows.

You can print out a new set of cards for each different movie you watch. With so many holiday movies being made now you can endlessly enjoy these Bingo cards. So, pop some popcorn or bake some sugar cookies, and enjoy watching these feel-good movies while playing a fun game of Bingo.  

Have you played Hallmark Christmas movie Bingo yet? What are some of the common plot lines that you notice in Hallmark Christmas movies?  Let us know in the comments.

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