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Hamilton and Peggy Book Review

by Elyse V

I’m an English Literature major so I love reading. I’m always on the lookout for a new and interesting book to add to my library. There is nothing like diving into a new book and the world it invites you into. I also like Broadway musicals and historical fiction so I was naturally drawn to read and write this Hamilton and Peggy A Revolutionary Friendship Book Review.  

In July of 2020 (during the pandemic), Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash hit musical Hamilton debuted on DisneyPlus.  This reignited many people’s interest in Hamilton and brought a new audience too. Many fans, like myself, were motivated to delve deeper into the real world of Alexander Hamilton. Reading about the real-world counterparts of the musical’s beloved characters is what piqued my interest for this book.


This fictional book by L. M. Elliott centres around Peggy, the youngest Schuyler sister, who is often over shadowed by sisters Eliza and Angelica. It’s interesting to explore the relationship of the three sisters along with:

  • Their younger siblings ( yes, Philip Schuyler did have sons);
  • Their parents;
  • The part they played in the revolution; and
  • Their romantic entanglements. 

This book highlights the role of women in the American revolution which is often overlooked in history class. Peggy inserts herself into the revolution as she wants to make a difference. She doesn’t want to just be relegated to taking care of her younger siblings at home. It is interesting to see what Peggy thought of Alexander and her part in his courtship of Eliza. 

There are points in the book that reference or line up with the musical and the Ron Chernow biography it was based on. If you’re a Hamilfan fan or a fan of historical fiction, you’ll enjoy getting to know the brave and whip-smart Peggy Schuyler. She was much more than just an “and Peggy” and this book gives her a moment to shine.

Did you read Hamilton and Peggy! A Revolutionary Friendship? What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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