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harry styles love on tour 2022

Harry Styles Love on Tour 2022 Set to Spread Joy Throughout Europe and South America

It's Harry's world and we are just happy to exist in it.

by Elyse V

Full disclosure, we are all Harries here at OSW so we believe in the perfect angel that is Harry Styles. We followed HSLOT 2021 as it made its way through the USA one joyous night after another. We will do the same for Love on Tour 2022 too. Every HSLOT 2021 concert was brought to life by the talent, charisma, fashion, beauty, charm, and boundless energy of Harry Styles (and his band); but the fans became a part of the spontaneity and memories of the shows. It’s no wonder it was honoured Top Tour of the Year at the 2021 Pollstar Awards.

After being postponed due to the pandemic, fans showed up masked, vaccinated, and dressed ready for the party. Harries do Harry the fashion icon proud. Styled head to toe – the hair, makeup, nail polish, outfit, shoes/boots, and accessories. Boas for days and in every colour of the rainbow worn in homage to Harry at the Grammys and his looks.

Harry was Born to be on Stage

Harry was the perfect host for this party too. He manages to create a safe, friendly, and passionate environment in massive stadiums. He encourages fans to be whoever they want to be and challenges them to have as much fun as he intends on having.

“If you want to sing, if you want to dance, please feel free to do whatever it is you want to do in this room tonight. Please feel free to be whoever it is you have always wanted to be.”

Harry Styles

In all 42 sold-out shows, there was not one that was formulaic. They were all “best concert ever” nights. Harry was born to be on stage, performing, and interacting with fans. We wrote about the many HSLOT 2021 highlights that included a gender reveal, a few coming out events, much dating advice, some engagements, and Harry singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow as Dorothy and Britney Spears’ Toxic as a clown (to name a few).

HSLOT Gives Back

Aside from all those incredible memories that were made, real, tangible good happened as well:

  • Over $1 million donated to nonprofit partners: Physicians for Reproductive Health, Black Voters Matter and Choose Love. Also, local efforts included aid for food insecure families in need during the holidays.
  • 33,900+ single-use bottles eliminated at shows. No Single-use plastic water bottles backstage. Water refill stations backstage and front of house.
  • 100% of Batteries used on tour donated or properly recycled.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from HSLOT were calculated by the REVERB team including: Band + Crew Travel, Venue Energy Use, Hotel Stays, and Fan Travel. Through funding support of diverse global projects that directly and measurably eliminate greenhouse gas pollution, Harry Styles was able to make his tour CLIMATE POSITIVE – eliminating significantly more greenhouse gas pollution than it created! Wow.
Image courtesy of @NIKKIMARIE.JPG (https://www.instagram.com/nikkimarie.jpg/)

We look forward to more incredible memories being made and more good being done throughout HSLOT 2022 (which includes 2 SOLD OUT WEMBLEY STADIUM SHOWS). So proud of Harry.

Being in Canada, our concerts were cancelled and were not able to be rescheduled in HSLOT 2021 or 2022 yet. We’re still hoping concerts will be announced soon along with Australia and New Zealand. Until then, we will continue to attend through the live-stream and post-concert videos shared by our fellow, generous Harries.

“If we have each other’s backs, I think we’re going to be alright.”


“Tell the people you came with you love them.”

Harry Styles

Harry Styles truly is sugar and spice and everything beautiful and nice.

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Catherine Becker February 12, 2022 - 12:19 AM

I have never been a bigger fan of anyone than Harry Styles or even came close!! He is so positive & a joy to listen to & watch! His music transports me to a world of happiness when I can be in despair before turning it on!!

Tahlula B February 12, 2022 - 11:46 AM

Oh I know – same. There is something so special about him. I would say he’s one in a million but he’s far more rare than that. This is going to be a HUGE year for us too – new music, 2 new movies, HSLOT2022. Who am I kidding? It probably still won’t seem like enough :)

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your love for Harry. It warms my heart :)



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