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Harry Styles Love on Tour - courtesy of @nikkimarieJPG

Harry Styles Love on Tour is Everything and He’s a Perfect Angel

Scroll down for Love on Tour concert highlights!

by Elyse V

It’s difficult finding the words to describe Harry Styles. It’s a bit like describing one of the seven wonders of the world. Words just sort of pale. It’s like saying Niagara Falls is a big waterfall. Yes, it is a big waterfall; but that doesn’t capture its awe, natural beauty, and wonder.

Harry isn’t just stunning to look at, super talented, and a genuinely kind, compassionate perfect angel – he also has that thing. That greatness gene, which draws people in and they can’t look away or get enough. It’s what enables one person to be able to fill every corner of a stadium and make everyone in it feel special. That’s what happens at every Harry Styles Love on Tour concert and we, as a collective, have never needed it more.

Full disclosure: I live in Canada, so I have only been able to enjoy Harry Styles Love on Tour vicariously through the live-streams and updates provided by his generous, beautiful, kind-hearted, fashionable fans, known as Harries. 

Harry Styles Love on Tour (HSLOT) concert is currently making its way through the USA in support of Fine Line, Harry’s second studio album released in December 2019. It’s not often that the energy and vibe of a concert are so strong, they can be felt through a screen, but that happens with HSLOT. It’s unbelievable. I hope there’s a concert documentary so more people can experience it. If there is, it should start with Harry at the Grammys because I feel that’s where this era of Harry debuted.

Harry Styles Love on Tour Gives Back:

  • HSLOT donates all their extra catering to a local shelter in the city the show is taking place.
  • They also take all the toiletries from hotels and the stadium/arena and make sure everything that is unused is given to a local shelter.
  • HSLOT takes the climate crisis serious and considers their carbon footprint when tour planning. They partner with Reverb.org, an organization that aims to “empower the music community to take action on the most pressing environmental and social issues we face.” At every show, there is a Reverb Action Village where you can (re)fill your water bottle with clean, fresh water, and/or test your climate knowledge by taking the Music Climate Revolution quiz. If you make a donation, you’ll get a very cool, custom Harry Styles #RockNRefill Nalgene reusable bottle too. 
  • You can also register to vote with HeadCount in the Action Village. Harry has frequently encouraged his fans to vote via social media. That’s why at all the US Love on Tour stops, concert goers can check their voter registration and/or register to vote and join the effort to Save the Vote! This is extremely admirable, but even more so in between election cycles.
  • All profits from the sale of the TPWK (Treat People with Kindness) hair ties will be donated to a variety of charities.
  • HSLOT will donate a portion of tour proceeds – including ticket sales – to various charities in the locations they stopped at. Harry’s last Live on Tour donated $1.2USD to 62 charities worldwide.

HSLOT Spreads Awareness and Love:

At the start of the concert, Harry tells his fans to be whoever they want to be. His whole platform is Treat People with Kindness (TPWK). He wants his fans to have the most fun possible feeling comfortable, seen, loved, and (most importantly) safe, and secure.

  • Harry champions LGBTQ+ rights and proudly flies the bi, trans, lesbian, and/or pride flags during every concert.  
  • Harry supports Black Lives Matter (BLM). He has walked in BLM protests and made his support known via social media. Harry and his band fly the Black Lives Matter flag during every performance.

Harry Styles Love on Tour Random musings:

  • Jenny Lewis‘ special blend of talent and coolness is perfect to get the concert started.  
  • Alessandro Michele, Harry Lambert, and Harry Styles are a fashion holy trinity. Harry looks like he’s doing a glam rock cover shoot every show. GUCCI couldn’t have picked a better partnership.
  • Harry Styles fans are the most fashionable, creative, supportive, kind, friendly, beautiful fan base I’ve ever seen ever. The outfits are ridiculous in the best possible way. There is a sea of beautiful boas, glitter, sequins, pearls, and beads everywhere and on everyone. You can check out @hslotfashionhq for a glimpse of these beauties. The post-concert stadium floor must look like a scene from CSI: Sesame Street with all the feathers and fuzzies left behind 😊
  • Harry Styles catches everything. Fans are always throwing things like boas, sunglasses, flowers, hats at him and he catches them – while singing – and never misses a beat. See for yourself below. He catches sunglasses, puts them on and poses and never stops singing.

A Few Harry Styles Love on Tour Highlights:

  • Harry gives a fan spot-on dating advice and quotes The Notebook when he reads her “Should I text him?” sign. Watch the full exchange below:
  • Harry read a fan’s “Convince my boyfriend to propose” sign and he did his best to get Lucas to propose to Sarah.
  • Two fans got engaged during What Makes You Beautiful (WMYB) and Harry got the feels
  • The gender reveal that was heard around the world.  Oh, just watch the video if you haven’t already:
  • The return of “This is a family show”
  • Harry confirms the meaning behind Watermelon Sugar
  • A fan threw a handmade crochet sunflower onto the stage and Harry picked it up and thanked the fan. That crochet sunflower has been on the stage of every concert since.
  • Kiwi and the Kiwi Pit. The high-energy concert closer and the mosh pit where the gorgeous Harries let loose. Rumor has it that MSG was physically shaking during Kiwi. It’s New York, baby, always jacked up. 
  • Harry tweaked the lyrics of Kiwi as a shout out to Halsey who just had a baby, but still attended MSG night 2.
  • Harry with Minnie ears a fan threw on stage in Orlando   
  • Harry congratulating a fan for being cancer free in Pittsburgh
  • Harry juggles for the crowd

Harry sings happy birthday to his mum with CT concert-goers.

  • Harry read a fan’s (Lexi) sign saying “Help me cone out. Wave my flag” and he did. Watch the moment below.
  • Lexi thanked Harry after the show for being there for this huge moment in her life.

It was everything you hoped for and more. The costume was perfection from head to toe and to Toto in his basket. When he covered Somewhere Over the Rainbow in an arena bathed in rainbow lights – well we were on our feet cry/clapping all the way here in Canada. See the moment for yourself below.

  • Harry doing the whale before picking up Toto in his basket, clicking his heels and heading home
  • Harryween Night 2 did not disappoint. Harry gave his all and it was a weekend to remember even if you were watching remote.
  • Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone magazine did an incredible job writing about Harryween in his article titled Harry Styles Got Shameless for Harryween, to the Surprise of Literally Nobody. He writes about it in a way that only a fan can.
  • See the highlights from the 2nd night of Harryween below.

  • Harry helps a fan come out to her mother, who is at the concert but sitting in another section.
  • I am Eros. Ok this has nothing to do with the HSLOT but it was revealed/confirmed that Harry joined the Marvel Universe as Eros.
  • Roxxy and maybe Kyle get engaged at HSLOT in Portland
  • Bye Mr Controlling :)

How is this the first time someone threw angel wings onto the stage? They must be there EVERY time – see for yourself.

These are just a few of the reasons/moments that make every HSLOT concert so special in its own way. I don’t know how he does it. If you are able to attend HSLOT, go. HSLOT is the hottest concert/party around. If not, attend vicariously. There are live-streams and individual post-concert updates at the Love on Tour Highlights YouTube Channel.

One day people will talk about seeing Harry Styles in concert the same way they now talk about people like The Beatles, The Stones, Elton John, Queen, and, David Bowie. He’s just got that greatness gene.

Have you attended (or vicariously attended) HSLOT? What have been your favourite moments? Please share your thoughts about the concert – or Harry – in the comments.  

Treat People with Kindness is not just a song. They are words to live by. Thank you Harry.

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Joanne Sims October 15, 2021 - 4:44 PM

Me and my daughter and granddaughters went to he HSLOT in Orlando! He is so fun and I loved all of his song, my favorite is Adore You, I lost my husband last year in a tragic motorcycle accident and I heard this song on radio and I was hooked♥️💋💯🎶🎉
It was great, we all love Harry and want to see him again when he comes back to the states!!!

Tahlula B October 15, 2021 - 5:14 PM

Thank you for your email. I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

It’s so nice you all went to see Harry together. That’s fantastic. He puts on such a spectacular show. Hopefully he will make his way to Canada at some point so we can see him too :)

Thank you again. I really appreciate you sharing your story with us. Be well my friend.

Tamara Dutton October 16, 2021 - 12:35 AM

I loved your article on Harry Styles. I think you really said exactly how I feel about him. My daughter and I saw him in all his glory in St Paul, MN and we were there for the freshman version. this time I came in a retro sunflower outfit complete with a hat with a garland of sunflowers that lit up…Damn I had fun ….being a human being I was hoping I might catch Harry’s attention 10 rows up. Not sure that it worked …but on the other side of the coin his fans are wonderful and were there to give me complements and take my picture, I’m smiling as I write this ……….I love being creative and using my imagination even at 57 …….I felt special going to see Harry perform and that was my way of showing it on the outside. Thanks for letting me share.
Always and forever a Harry FAN,
Tamara Dutton

Tahlula B October 16, 2021 - 12:20 PM

Thank you for reading and sharing your Harry experiences and for the kind words.

That sounds like so much fun and that outfit was perfect. Oh my gosh – a sunflower garland that lit up? If that’s not a Harry Styles concert accessory, I don’t know what is. I’m so happy you shared that incredible night with your daughter. What great memories.

That’s the amazing thing about Harry – he draws all people to his light and they bloom. You keep being your beautiful, creative self. Wear that garland with pride :)

Thank you again. Stay special my fellow Harry fan.

Monique Dubos October 21, 2021 - 3:06 PM

Hi Tahlula!

Like you, I have only seen Harry’s performances through the lens of his generous and innumerable fans. It truly IS hard to describe what it is about Harry. There just isn’t enough time and there aren’t enough words—or adequate words—that will paint the full portrait. I’m just grateful that such a magnificent spirit exists in human form. We are so lucky!

Tahlula B October 21, 2021 - 5:19 PM

Oh my gosh – EXACTLY and ditto to everything you said. It’s hard to describe. I’m like already planning my night around getting updates of his show in Connecticut tonight and I’m in Canada :)

The vibe of his concerts are just all beauty and love and it is felt even when watching from a distance. That is the power and energy of Mr Styles and we ARE lucky. You are so right.

Thank you so much for sharing. Love and light and sunflowers always.



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